The UNSEEN Future Is Sometimes The Best Future

No one will ever know what will happen in the future. Sometimes I just want to travel 20 years into the future where I am 43 and just have 10 minutes with my future self. See where I am, who I am with, if I have children, if I am married, have a career, have... Continue Reading →


Studying Abroad or Freestyling Abroad.?

This post is for my fellow travelers. Would you travel freestyle or study abroad .? I want to travel freestyle meaning no school work and travel with a company or solo. In my case I want to travel with EF CollegeBreak. I can pick any destination and go for a few days or few weeks and... Continue Reading →

It’s Official

I received my official acceptance letter yesterday Friday Nov 18,2016.! It took a week for it to get to me. I am excited.! Was a bit disappointed that it wasn't this huge packet that I thought it would be.! It honestly only had my acceptance letter and another paper where it tells you the next... Continue Reading →

Fear of Following TWD

Who has fears.? What are your fears.? Are they silly fears, like fears of spiders, or bees.? Or huge fears, like dyeing or failing.? Are you scared when you watch The Walking Dead.? I wouldn't know if I am afraid or not because I don't watch it.! That is not what this blog is about.... Continue Reading →

What Happens When You’re Bored.?

You heard of stress eating.? If you haven't that's when you eat non stop to balance out your stress.!! I know a lot of people who does that.! Things become too much and they need to distress so they eat anything and everything sometimes.! Well because I am different I don't stress eat, BUT I... Continue Reading →

My Type

My type of friendship is fun, crazy, honest, real, lovable, caring, close. Same qualities I look for in a MAN.! I want a best friend.! Those best friends where people are like geesh I never see one without the other lols.! The type where if I say I am going for a road trip people will... Continue Reading →

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