Studying Abroad or Freestyling Abroad.?

This post is for my fellow travelers. Would you travel freestyle or study abroad .?

I want to travel freestyle meaning no school work and travel with a company or solo. In my case I want to travel with EF CollegeBreak. I can pick any destination and go for a few days or few weeks and won’t be bothered with work. My mother on the other hand rather I study abroad so then that way I can at least get credit for school work and go for a reason. It is something I looked into before my accident. I wanted to study abroad. It’s such an awesome thing to do if you can.

BUT I rather freestyle travel. With studying abroad I am stuck in one place. Yes I can travel on the weekends, but freestyle traveling is definitely something I want to do. I want to go to Paris first and foremost and then go from there. They don’t have much psychology programs in Paris and TBH I rather not have homework on something I should be experiencing. I am not saying you don’t experience things when you study abroad, BUT it’s definitely not the same. I get to travel to places I care to travel to. I won’t be confined to one place unlike when I study abroad.

For me my option will be freestyling abroad. But I want to hear from people who did either or &/OR both. Leave comments below.!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”- Confucius


Campus Tours Are Never Available

You ever looked for a campus tour video of your school and you can never find one.? I know that happens with me all the time.

I started looking for UCF campus tour videos and there are always videos of people moving into their dorms or going to the tours but never show any of the. . . TOURS.! It annoys me when I see videos that waste my time. The worst ones are videos that actually show the campus, which usually are only 4 the MOST, BUT the videos don’t explain what buildings they are and it speeds through the whole tour of the video. What is the point of naming the title of the video a campus tour if it’s anything but that? Those are people I like to call complicit because what they do are wrong and misleading. Complicit and contentious vloggers looking to anger people.

I know when orientation dates for the fall comes out and I FINALLY get to apply for orientation I will take lots of pictures and post about my experience on here. I hate editing videos so I don’t use YouTube no more. But if you want to see pictures and here REAL information about UCF campus then check back here in February for an update about my orientation date.

I am so excited to apply for orientation. Excited to see this gigantic school. I can’t believe it’s so big that it has its own zip code. SMH.! Bigger the school the more fun right.? At least that is what I tell myself.

It’s Official

I received my official acceptance letter yesterday Friday Nov 18,2016.! It took a week for it to get to me. I am excited.! Was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t this huge packet that I thought it would be.! It honestly only had my acceptance letter and another paper where it tells you the next steps after you get accepted.! All the things you can see online.! But it is nice to see in person.! It does say on your audit, once you get accepted, that it’s not “OFFICIAL” until you receive the letter in the mail.!

I already created my Knights email once I saw I got accepted online, my eagerness couldn’t wait.!  I now have to wait about a month for my credits to transfer over.! Since I did get my AA in NY and went to USF last year it will take a while for all my credits to transfer over.! Even though they told me it usually takes a month I still check every other day just because I am excited and eagered, but just in case something appears. I am hoping that by the second week of December all my credits will have transfered over.!

Not only do I have to wait for my credits to transfer over I also need to wait for February since that’s when orientation dates for Fall and Summer students open.! I am soooo excited to visit UCF for orientation and see the huge campus.!


Check out my blog about getting in here

Accepted To My Choice Of College

Hey everyone I wanted to start talking about my acceptance to the college I got into.! I got accepted into UCF aka Uni. Of Central Florida.! I am very excited.! I have friends who were upset that I was even applying because I went to USF a year ago before my accident and USF & UCF are “enemies” or “rivals” lols.!

I was nervous because I thought I would have to wait forever before I heard a response.! I did talk to two women who said they heard within 2 weeks that they got accepted which helped me a bit because my two weeks was reaching and I hoped that I would receive mine soon.! And I did.! All my transcripts were received October 28th, a Friday and I got a response back November 10th a Thursday.! I am assuming it was a Thursday because Friday was a holiday and they were closed.!

I am a transfer student who got my Associates Degree at a community college in NY where I currently reside which I believed helped me get into USF and UCF.! I know a lot of people say it is better to have your Associates Degree and then apply to these schools because it helps you A LOT.! Unless your GPA is spectacular coming out of h.s. I was glad I got my Associates Degree none the less.!

I will try and post more about my experience of getting in and orientation when I am able to register and everything in the life of UCF as much as I can up to a certain point.!


Which Would You Choose: School Edition

Hey highschool seniors or even transfer students.! How is your college decision going.? Do you know what college you want to go to.? Do you even want to go to college.? Do you know what program you want to get into.? Do you know what career you are trying to pursue.? If you are not trying to go to college, but a trade school then good luck in finding your school, but this post isn’t for you.! If you are trying to go to college then keep reading for steps on how to decide the perfect college.!

First and for most you need to know what program you want to do.! If you aren’t sure then you should go to a community college so you can try out all the different courses they offer and pay less for tuition while trying to figure out what you want to do for a career.! If you do know what you want to do then keep on reading for the next steps.

Once you figured out what you want to do career wise now you need to figure out your geography.! Where do you want to go to school.? Down south, on the east or west coast.! Are you trying to move away from home or staying local for in state tuition.? Once you decide that now it’s time to look for schools that has your program.! Search all schools in the area you want to be in and write them down.! Write down where the school is located and the name of the school.!

Once you looked at where you want to go to school and searched all the different schools next step is tuition.! If you are looking for a school out-of-state you MUST KNOW IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IN-STATE.! You will have to pay more for out-of-state.! How much more depends on the school.! If tuition is a HUGE factor for you like it is for me then start eliminating schools that are WAY OUT OF YOUR BUDGET.! For me, schools that went above $20,000 for out-of-state was a NO-NO.!! Schools instate that went above $15,000 was a NO NO.! Decide what your limit is and mark those schools off your list.! Hopefully by doing that you now have 10 or less schools.!

Next up is deciding if you are living on campus and which campus is doing more for you.! Check to see what they do for homecoming, football games, housing, check to see how big or small the classes are, and make sure your program is treated well.! If you are living at home or anywhere off campus then don’t worry about housing and focus on everything else.! Make sure your program is an important thing at the school.! Some schools only go so far with certain programs meaning they are second/low degree programs.! And also make sure your program is for your degree.! Some schools may offer your program for a PhD only and you may want to go as far as your Masters.! I know for some schools I was looking at, my program went all the way up to PhD and I only wanted a MA. Since they didn’t give MA only PhD I had to cross those schools off my list.!

Finally once you crossed off more names based on the last decision now is the time for school visits/orientation.! Go check out the campus and see which schools pleased you when you went.! Once you do that now is the time to apply to the important 3-5 schools.! Mainly 3 because application fees are not cheap. Then the pain game of waiting to see if you got in begins.! All I have for you with that is… just be patient and continue with your school work you are doing now.! You have to graduate h.s. to move on anyways.! Or if you are transferring make sure your grades are still top-notch or staying above the school’s GPA.!

That is my advice.! Good luck to people applying to schools this year.! May the odds be FOREVER in your favor.!!!


A post on what to do once you get in will be coming soon…..

Fear of Following TWD

Who has fears.? What are your fears.? Are they silly fears, like fears of spiders, or bees.? Or huge fears, like dyeing or failing.? Are you scared when you watch The Walking Dead.? I wouldn’t know if I am afraid or not because I don’t watch it.! That is not what this blog is about. Sorry if the title made you think it was. I actually want to talk about Fear… Fear of Following The Wrong Dream.

Do you ever think that maybe you are in the wrong field.? I know of some people who goes through years of school, some gets to their BA others to the MA & realize once they get their degree that they don’t want to do the career they thought was their dream. So they go right back into school to start ALL OVER.! Has that ever been you where you think, damn am I going to be starting all over because I might not like my career.?

I take psychology and I love it.! It’s scary because when I get my BA I will be able to do some counseling and earn me money to save up for my MA for marriage therapy. The thought that I am almost at my BA & can counsel soon is scary to me because what if I am not good at it.! Yes I give people who I know advice, but to give strangers who I don’t know advice and then to get my MA to give them relationship advice about their family and marriage is TERRIFYING.! I think all the time will I be good at it.! The fear of growing up and being THAT adult who has a successful career, a great marriage, and family scares me more than anything else.!

I have to realize that I am going to get older & I am going to have to be brave and finally say this is my career. So here it is… after all the professors who said how I have a psychology brain, or how psychology is a perfect fit for me because of the way I am, or my friends who says I am an amazing advice giver and will be great at being a Marriage/Family therapist, & from my father who said yesterday night, “You take 2&1/2 years of psychology and suddenly you think you are Dr. Ruth.” Lmao, I am ready.! I need to stop being afraid of following my heart and just go with it.! And my heart proved over and over that it wants to do psychology.! So no matter how scared I am of my future I know that I am going to do everything possible to make sure I turn out happy, proud, financially stable, mentally and physically stable, amazing, grateful, thankful and just overjoyed with every aspect of my life.!!



What Happens When You’re Bored.?

You heard of stress eating.? If you haven’t that’s when you eat non stop to balance out your stress.!! I know a lot of people who does that.! Things become too much and they need to distress so they eat anything and everything sometimes.! Well because I am different I don’t stress eat, BUT I do bored eat.! Yes BORED-EAT.! When I am bored, extremely bored I just eat.! Which is not good especially because now-a-days I be bored alot.! :/ Which means I eat ALOT MORE.! & That means I am getting bigger.!!!!! I eat when I am bored because there is nothing to do and if I am eating then atleast I am moving my hands and my mouth giving me some type of movement.!


Bored eating is just as bad at stress eating or even worse.! When you aren’t stress you’re bored.! Sometimes you can be stressed & bored too.! Espeically if you are like me who likes to do things last-minute.! You are stress knowing you have a lot of work to do and just wait until the last minute to do it which causes you to be bored at the moment & stress which is double trouble.


If you are like me and realized you probably need rehab for this don’t worry.! There is a site that I found that can be helpful.!

How to stop bored eating

What happens when you’re bored.?