What Happens When You’re Bored.?

You heard of stress eating.? If you haven’t that’s when you eat non stop to balance out your stress.!! I know a lot of people who does that.! Things become too much and they need to distress so they eat anything and everything sometimes.! Well because I am different I don’t stress eat, BUT I do bored eat.! Yes BORED-EAT.! When I am bored, extremely bored I just eat.! Which is not good especially because now-a-days I be bored alot.! :/ Which means I eat ALOT MORE.! & That means I am getting bigger.!!!!! I eat when I am bored because there is nothing to do and if I am eating then atleast I am moving my hands and my mouth giving me some type of movement.!


Bored eating is just as bad at stress eating or even worse.! When you aren’t stress you’re bored.! Sometimes you can be stressed & bored too.! Espeically if you are like me who likes to do things last-minute.! You are stress knowing you have a lot of work to do and just wait until the last minute to do it which causes you to be bored at the moment & stress which is double trouble.


If you are like me and realized you probably need rehab for this don’t worry.! There is a site that I found that can be helpful.!

How to stop bored eating

What happens when you’re bored.?


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