Studying Abroad or Freestyling Abroad.?

This post is for my fellow travelers. Would you travel freestyle or study abroad .?

I want to travel freestyle meaning no school work and travel with a company or solo. In my case I want to travel with EF CollegeBreak. I can pick any destination and go for a few days or few weeks and won’t be bothered with work. My mother on the other hand rather I study abroad so then that way I can at least get credit for school work and go for a reason. It is something I looked into before my accident. I wanted to study abroad. It’s such an awesome thing to do if you can.

BUT I rather freestyle travel. With studying abroad I am stuck in one place. Yes I can travel on the weekends, but freestyle traveling is definitely something I want to do. I want to go to Paris first and foremost and then go from there. They don’t have much psychology programs in Paris and TBH I rather not have homework on something I should be experiencing. I am not saying you don’t experience things when you study abroad, BUT it’s definitely not the same. I get to travel to places I care to travel to. I won’t be confined to one place unlike when I study abroad.

For me my option will be freestyling abroad. But I want to hear from people who did either or &/OR both. Leave comments below.!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”- Confucius


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