Accepted To My Choice Of College

Hey everyone I wanted to start talking about my acceptance to the college I got into.! I got accepted into UCF aka Uni. Of Central Florida.! I am very excited.! I have friends who were upset that I was even applying because I went to USF a year ago before my accident and USF & UCF are “enemies” or “rivals” lols.!

I was nervous because I thought I would have to wait forever before I heard a response.! I did talk to two women who said they heard within 2 weeks that they got accepted which helped me a bit because my two weeks was reaching and I hoped that I would receive mine soon.! And I did.! All my transcripts were received October 28th, a Friday and I got a response back November 10th a Thursday.! I am assuming it was a Thursday because Friday was a holiday and they were closed.!

I am a transfer student who got my Associates Degree at a community college in NY where I currently reside which I believed helped me get into USF and UCF.! I know a lot of people say it is better to have your Associates Degree and then apply to these schools because it helps you A LOT.! Unless your GPA is spectacular coming out of h.s. I was glad I got my Associates Degree none the less.!

I will try and post more about my experience of getting in and orientation when I am able to register and everything in the life of UCF as much as I can up to a certain point.!



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