It’s Official

I received my official acceptance letter yesterday Friday Nov 18,2016.! It took a week for it to get to me. I am excited.! Was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t this huge packet that I thought it would be.! It honestly only had my acceptance letter and another paper where it tells you the next steps after you get accepted.! All the things you can see online.! But it is nice to see in person.! It does say on your audit, once you get accepted, that it’s not “OFFICIAL” until you receive the letter in the mail.!

I already created my Knights email once I saw I got accepted online, my eagerness couldn’t wait.!  I now have to wait about a month for my credits to transfer over.! Since I did get my AA in NY and went to USF last year it will take a while for all my credits to transfer over.! Even though they told me it usually takes a month I still check every other day just because I am excited and eagered, but just in case something appears. I am hoping that by the second week of December all my credits will have transfered over.!

Not only do I have to wait for my credits to transfer over I also need to wait for February since that’s when orientation dates for Fall and Summer students open.! I am soooo excited to visit UCF for orientation and see the huge campus.!


Check out my blog about getting in here


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