The Power Of Three

The show that ran from October 7, 1998 until May 21st, 2008, the show that is still on Netflix and that I watch till this day, the show that still shows on tv all the time, and now the show that is getting rebooted... Charmed. If you haven't heard of Charmed, it's a show about... Continue Reading →


Every Day Fashion #TBT

I love fashion and I definitely love it when I can be fashionable on a budget. I have "everyday" clothes that I wear and I always get asked the "where are you going dressed so fancy?" question. My response.... to the store or out somewhere. But I am never going anywhere fancy these are just... Continue Reading →

You ever Pop a Socket.?

Well have you ever popped a socket.? Because you should.! These things are amazing especially when you have a big phone. You can get these from amazon as well but it's the same price as from their site.! I go on their site all the time and I buy great new designs they come out with. ... Continue Reading →

Fashion Square

These pictures are from my recent Demi Lovato concert and also some from Disney. I love fashion and even though I am bigger in my stomach and thick with my thighs doesn't mean I don't like to go all out.!! To all my thick and bigger women do you go all out when you go... Continue Reading →

Sistas Winning At Losing

Ever feel like you can't get up to workout.!? Or you just don't know what to eat. Ever want help, someone telling you what to eat and which workouts to do so you won't have to burden yourself with all of that.? I know I do. It sucks when you are just starting out with... Continue Reading →


OKAY who saw the VMA & Taylor Swift's new music video LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO.? IT WAS PHENOMONAL.! I loved the song and then when the music video came out I was like omgggg ICONIC.!! How she referenced all of her haters and everything that was said about her since her career blew... Continue Reading →

A Girl Who Loves Food

I am Pinning every food product, mainly smoothie on Pinterest these days. So I thought I would give you links to the ones I tried so far so you can try it out for yourself. I also included pictures of pinterest foods I did and of my own and description of how I liked them.... Continue Reading →

Free and Loose

I am down south and feeling more free than anything else. I don't feel pressured or angry because of the fakeness. I don't feel boredom I feel free and loose. I haven't done much I mean I am in the busiest city so I doubt I would have been able to do everything within 3... Continue Reading →

Love On TV

Can you get married to a complete stranger in a week.? Or within 10 weeks.? What about the first time you ever meet your spouse is on your wedding day.? Can you go on a tv show and let "professional" match makers tell you which person is your perfect match.? Can you eliminate potential bachelors/bachelorettes... Continue Reading →

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