Which Would You Choose: School Edition

Hey highschool seniors or even transfer students.! How is your college decision going.? Do you know what college you want to go to.? Do you even want to go to college.? Do you know what program you want to get into.? Do you know what career you are trying to pursue.? If you are not trying to go to college, but a trade school then good luck in finding your school, but this post isn’t for you.! If you are trying to go to college then keep reading for steps on how to decide the perfect college.!

First and for most you need to know what program you want to do.! If you aren’t sure then you should go to a community college so you can try out all the different courses they offer and pay less for tuition while trying to figure out what you want to do for a career.! If you do know what you want to do then keep on reading for the next steps.

Once you figured out what you want to do career wise now you need to figure out your geography.! Where do you want to go to school.? Down south, on the east or west coast.! Are you trying to move away from home or staying local for in state tuition.? Once you decide that now it’s time to look for schools that has your program.! Search all schools in the area you want to be in and write them down.! Write down where the school is located and the name of the school.!

Once you looked at where you want to go to school and searched all the different schools next step is tuition.! If you are looking for a school out-of-state you MUST KNOW IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IN-STATE.! You will have to pay more for out-of-state.! How much more depends on the school.! If tuition is a HUGE factor for you like it is for me then start eliminating schools that are WAY OUT OF YOUR BUDGET.! For me, schools that went above $20,000 for out-of-state was a NO-NO.!! Schools instate that went above $15,000 was a NO NO.! Decide what your limit is and mark those schools off your list.! Hopefully by doing that you now have 10 or less schools.!

Next up is deciding if you are living on campus and which campus is doing more for you.! Check to see what they do for homecoming, football games, housing, check to see how big or small the classes are, and make sure your program is treated well.! If you are living at home or anywhere off campus then don’t worry about housing and focus on everything else.! Make sure your program is an important thing at the school.! Some schools only go so far with certain programs meaning they are second/low degree programs.! And also make sure your program is for your degree.! Some schools may offer your program for a PhD only and you may want to go as far as your Masters.! I know for some schools I was looking at, my program went all the way up to PhD and I only wanted a MA. Since they didn’t give MA only PhD I had to cross those schools off my list.!

Finally once you crossed off more names based on the last decision now is the time for school visits/orientation.! Go check out the campus and see which schools pleased you when you went.! Once you do that now is the time to apply to the important 3-5 schools.! Mainly 3 because application fees are not cheap. Then the pain game of waiting to see if you got in begins.! All I have for you with that is… just be patient and continue with your school work you are doing now.! You have to graduate h.s. to move on anyways.! Or if you are transferring make sure your grades are still top-notch or staying above the school’s GPA.!

That is my advice.! Good luck to people applying to schools this year.! May the odds be FOREVER in your favor.!!!


A post on what to do once you get in will be coming soon…..


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