College Move In Packing list & More for Apartments

Hey everyone welcome to my packing blog for people who are moving into an apartment like me. I graduated from a community college and will now be going to USF as i explained here in USF By Choice. I will not be dorming so cant really give much details about how to pack for a dorm. But by what i hear it is similar and the only difference is to pack less if you are sharing a room with another person. I will explain my packing habit, what im packing, how im traveling, and how im sending things to florida as well.

Packing Habit

I have a weird habit of packing right before my trips. Every time i go on vacation i usually pack at least 3 days before. I get it from my mother who does the exact same thing. It makes me feel good about leaving. Knowing that i leave in 3 days instead of a week or 2 if i was to pack way ahead of time. In contrast my sister and father does the complete opposite. They pack way ahead of time. My sister packs about 2 weeks ahead my dad packs as soon as he books the trips.! Like yes they are that insane and paranoid. Now that you know my packing habit lets move on to how im getting to florida, shall we.!

Safe Travels

I will be traveling by an airplane. It’s quicker and less stress to deal with. Because i am traveling by a plane i can’t bring much things with me. Especially since we will be traveling with Delta, whose cookies are AMAZING.!! But they only allow a carry on bag and any extra bags you have you have to pay for. So we are only bringing a carry on bag with us.! I love airplanes i find it fascinating to look out the window when the plane takes off. It’s a DRAG when you have to sit on the plane for hours at a time though. In this case we will be on the plane for 4 hours. And depending on the time the plane actually departs and on complications if there is any might be longer. Just wish my mom, sister and I a safe flight please. Thanks 🙂

 Packing List

I don’t have an exact list of things to pack because well i am moving and will be bringing every thing. But i will be naming the things that i will be bringing.

  • Clothes– I will be in a 3/3 apartment. My own bathroom and bedroom. My closet is medium sized not walk in but it has a great size. These things are what i have for clothes.

Because i am moving to Florida sunny state(RAINY state) These things i made sure to bring.

  1. Tank tops- It is really hot over there.
  2. No sleeve shirts
  3. Shorts- Need to buy some more. But i have jean shorts and color shorts too
  4. Skirts- Short skirts, flow skirts, any type of skirt and dresses
  5. House shirts- Long or short. Most of mine are long so i can put short shorts underneath it.
  6. Sandals- Need to buy some more of that too.
  7. Underwear and bras
  8. Shoes
  9. Sneakers
  10. Socks
  11. Light Sweaters
  12. Jeans
  13. Umbrella
  14. Bathing suit

I will be bringing going out shirts and outfits as well too. So you can bring that too if you know you will be going out every now and then as well.

  • Bathroom– I will mostly be buying everything from Florida but i do have enough things to pack away with me. Some hair essentials and girl essentials
  1. Girl essentials- Girls you know these things. The personal things. . . Tampons, Pads, Pantyliners. (Sorry for the guys reading this lols)
  2. Hair essentials- I have some things from CamilleRose Naturals. Their line is spectacular. I have a few things that still have alot in it so might just ship it down but only if there is still alot of things left by the time it is time to ship. I also have some eco styling gel that i just bought and it’s huge so i definitely will be bringing that and my hair jam down to florida.
  3. There are also some DIY things i will be buying from here in NY so i wont be going all around tampa trying to find stores for these things. I will be able to get them up here ship them down and do it the first or second day in Tampa. I will update you and do a blog on the things i got for my DIY for my bathroom and bedroom when i get them. And will have some pictures of the finishing touches when everything is up and ready.
  • School Supplies-  

    For me it’s not much that i need.

  1. My laptop is my books and folder. I have surface pro 3 so everything goes into this
  2. My textbooks. I ordered my books and shipped them here so when i get them i will ship it to my apartment along with other things i am shipping. The apartment can’t hold things for too long.
  3. Bag to carry my laptop and everything i will need.

And that is all i need in my school supplies list unless the professors want me to get an actual book.

P.S. with the textbooks some colleges tells you what books you need. I know in my old college we waited until the syllabus was handed out the first day and had usually until the next week to get them. If you didnt have it you fell behind. But this school has the books under the oasis column so I was able to email my professors and ask them if i will for a fact need the textbooks and they all responded yes. So i got the books now.

Last and final list is the Everyday Essential list

  • Every Day Essentials- I will be listing things that are known things to bring but just in case.
  1. Phone(DUH.!!!) lOLS
  2. Phone charger. Lots of people forget this
  3. Purse/bag to carry your small things in
  4. deodorant/ toothbrush. I will be buying new toothbrush in florida probably.
  5. Glasses (If you have any like i do)
  6. Medications.
  7. Airplane pillow for your neck if you have one. I want to buy one
  8. Jewelry. . . earrings, necklace, bracelets, any type you have
  9. Any state souvenirs you might have. I have disney autograph book i am bringing with me
  10. Any souvenirs from your orientation. I am bringing my whole orientation packet i got from my transfer orientation.
  11. Memories from home- I will be getting frames and pictures and my h.s. graduation cup for my wine and drinks 😉 Just decorations for my room and to have. I will be doing DIY with some of the frames and pictures that i will post in the DIY blog when i get to Tampa.
  12. And this is just something you carry with you or should. SUPPORT because you always need support or you will be alone and being alone is NEVER fun.! Make sure your friends and family support you 100%.


I will be sending things down through boxes. Like i mentioned earlier, i am taking a plane and can’t bring much. Most of my clothes and underwear will be in my carry-on but other than that i will be sending down about 4-5 boxes of things. We are going to send them down the week before so it gets there either a day before or two days before. We just want it to be there for when we arrive. And because my apartment dont have much storage space they cant hold it for too long so hopefully it only is there for about a day or two.

Okay this is my apartment packing & more List. If you will be in a dorm just pack lightly. Dont overpack because you dont want it to be filled up where your roomie cant unpack their things. 😉



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