This was supposed to be done yesterday but things came up and i got tired. So here it is today #wcw. Here are my first 3 WCW

  1. Demi Lovato

    LOVE, ADORE, & CHERISH everything about Demi. She is an amazing actress, singer, philanthropist, and business woman who just launched her first record label with her best friend nick as i described in my blog here. She is in a committed relationship with a 12 year older man named Wilmer. And of course people didn’t think they will make it at first. She was 18 and he just turned 30. 5 years later look at them. SUPER DUPER in love more than ever. But other than that she beat something that alot of people face today and can’t beat. That is mental illness. She did drugs when she was younger and couldnt go an hour without a certain drug( i cant member which one) she talked about it in her interview. She got help after a while thanks to her family and of course wilmer who pushed her without pushing her. He told her he cant be around her when she wasn’t herself but didn’t force her to go. But him telling her that he cant constantly watch her go through this made her want to go. The thought of losing the love of her life made her think of things and realize she needs help. Wilmer stood by her side through this disease. And the year she spent in the place she learned alot. Like she is actually bipolar. She is doing so much better. She is healthier, she put on muscles, weight and is embracing her body more and more, like seen in her new music video Cool For the summer.!! She also has her own skin care line called devonne by demi. Like what.?? This is why demi is my first wcw. cool for the summer

  2. Shay Mitchell

 God she is beautiful. She is just a natural beauty. She is an amazing actress. Her love for sunnies honestly made me obsessed. I LOVED the ones she did with QuayXShay & always wanted similar ones which led me to my hunt for gorgeous sunnies. And been obsessed ever since. She also is my travel BABE. She travels around the world and even films it for her youtube page and the name of it is called shaycation. That is her own travel show on youtube. Since she is always traveling CDS- Collective Digital Studio, thought it will be great if she can film her travels and get paid doing it. She is soo lucky that she gets to travel the world for fun and make money from it. I love it.! She also has bestfriends and positive people with her. God to one day be her and travel the world and have fun with positive friends and family will be a blessing. Shay mitchell you are a goddess. And if you guys have not checked out her new series shaycation you should.!!!! 🙂 #Shaycation

Shay on shaycation
Shay on shaycation 

 3. Bella Thorne

She is 17 and done alot of movies so far. This girl is not playing when it comes to making sure she has herself together for the future. She left public school and is doing home-schooling because she was severely picked on by her peers. She has dyslexia. Which means she had trouble reading at an early age. She would switch the letters D & B around alot and cause her to misread things. But she fought through it. Her parents made her read everything from milk cartons, cereal boxes, to even street signs when they were on the road. She starred in Shake it up, Forget Me Not, Blended with adam sandler and drew berrymore, Scream(Love that show, it just started and got picked up for season 2), The Duff, and more. I am even waiting for her new movie Amityville: The Reawakening. This girl proved she can be an actress with a disease and still kick ass. She is a triple threat just like demi. She dances, sings, & acts. Like what cant she do.? I love bella she is amazing. I believe she is going to be just fine when she gets older and she is ready to settle down. With all these non-stop movies she is doing she will be fine to leave the business if she wanted to for a year or so when she has kids. And plus with a man like gregg sulkin i would leave and take a year off too and disappear in the sunset.!! 🙂

17 year old girl but she is more mature than her age :)
17 year old girl but she is more mature than her age 🙂

Okay that is it for my WCW whose your WCW.??


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