MY M.C.M. Part 2

MCM Part 1 Is the first blog that is apart of the MCM cycle. So if you like this blog go check that one out.

Hey you guys welcome to my MCM blog 2. Thanks to my loyal readers for still reading and for the new followers and readers. Hope you like my second blog about the sexy men that i crush on.! 😉 Here’s to 3 more.

  1. Taron Egerton. He is a welsh actor who is 25 years old. I just watched kingsman for the second time but this time with my family yesterday night and i still LOVE it.!! He is amazing. His acting and GOD his accent is AMAZING.!!! He makes me melt and i will love to get with him anyday. Men with accents and who are sexy can be my mcm anyday just like Taron.!! 😉

  2. ZEDD Also known as Anton the famous EDM DJ, & music producer. He’s 25 and russian and it looks sooo good on him. I love his new album. My favorite song is hard to choose but it is usually between Addicted to a memory or beautiful now with Jon bellion. He also did a song with selena gomez called i want you to know. He did one with ariana grande as well called break free. Zedd has his own visions and love to make them into something more. He is such a creative sweet funny caring guy and that’s what makes him famous and very special. From where he started to where he is at now. He has done very well for himself and continues to show people that you can do what you set your mind to.

    Baby Face MCM
    Baby Face MCM
  3. Jon Bellion. I found out about him from Zedd, who i found out about from selena gomez. Jon’s voice literally hypnotized me. I heard him on Zedd’s track and i fell deeply in love with his voice. I even tagged him about it on twitter. And he liked my post. Was so happy. He is 24 and lived in long island and went to five towns college. I love his whole album and have it. I listened to it the first few weeks nonstop.! I love every song and to pick just one is very IMPOSSIBLE. Can not happen lolss. He is an AMAZING artist and hope to go to his concert one day.! 🙂
    Him liking my tweet
    Him liking my tweet

    jon bellion

Thanks you guys for reading. Hope you liked it.! Rate the post please so i will know if you guys like it when i do MCM blogs and so i can do more.!! Thank you so much.! Hope you follow my blog.! 🙂 Have a great day


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