Workout Regimen

Do you have a certain time of the day to workout.? Does it matter when you workout.? Do you workout to be fit or because it’s a stress reliever.?

My mom loves working out at the crack of dawn and taking pictures of the sunrise. I on the other hand love working out at night and capturing the sunset. Yes we are literally night and day. I usually workout at night, but sometimes I do love working out in the afternoon or the morning because I know I will be lazy in the evening or I will be busy in the evening. I workout to help with stress. It’s such a stress free thing and I love seeing myself sweat afterwards. I love the results afterwards. I don’t do nothing extreme, but I do walking on the treadmill and sometimes I do workouts at home.

I also love working out at night because yes it’s a stress reliever for me, but it makes me tired and when I don’t workout at night I do stay up all night at times even if I am exhausted. I just have my brain working overtime and it won’t shut up to let me sleep.!

Either time of the day and what ever reason you workout for. . . health, stress reliever, because it makes you happy to workout each and everyday. . . keep at it and don’t give up. Keep going STRONG.!

And for people who needs motivation and help with getting a regimen down you can go to this site for help on getting started with your fitness routine and life for a healthier and better and stronger you.! 🙂


How Long Is Too Long For A Reply.?

How long should you wait for a reply from your crush.? I mean should you wait an entire day for a reply or just move on.? What about from your significant other.? Is it okay to just wait ALL day or for hours wondering why they aren’t responding.?

I don’t like waiting forever for a reply back. Unless you let me know that you are busy, at work or what ever it is that would take up your time then why is it taking you 5 hours to respond or even 2 hours.? I don’t trust when you are with someone or even getting to know someone and they respond back to you so late to the point that you forgot you even wrote them.

I have a friend who was dating a guy and she said she would write him in the morning and at times wouldn’t hear nothing from him until late that night or until the next morning.! I MEAN WOAH.!! NO way is that acceptable why is your MAN writing you so late and even the next day.? He wasn’t at work or busy…. Well busy avoiding you, but why is that.? IDK and neither did she so she left him which I was like good. Because MAYBE once in a while sure, BUT ALL THE TIME.? That’s your relationship with him nope.! That is NOT OKAY.!

No one should wait FOREVER for a reply back when the person is not “BUSY“. If you do take forever to respond back it’s because they are busy AVOIDING you and that is not a healthy relationship.! It’s a relationship that is forced and why be in a relationship where your significant other or your crush isn’t doing things you want and love, but the opposite.? So you can say you are in a relationship.? It’s not worth it.! If you are NOT getting what you WANT & DESERVE from this relationship just end it and move on to someone better.


Sistas Winning At Losing

Ever feel like you can’t get up to workout.!? Or you just don’t know what to eat. Ever want help, someone telling you what to eat and which workouts to do so you won’t have to burden yourself with all of that.? I know I do. It sucks when you are just starting out with a fitness routine and now you have to think of what to eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner and of course in between too.! Then on top of that what workouts do I do.? How do I know I am doing it right.? Well there is someone to help with that. Her name is Leslie Alexander (my amazing mom) and she has a 90 days Challenge happening soon where you get a meal plan and a workout plan. Now here is the information….

Starting September 1st we will be launching our SWAL-VIP group. This will be a paid group, available exclusively to our paid members.

We will be offering:
*one on one coaching (meal plans & workout)
~ also includes text messages & email
~ (1) startup phone call
~ (1) video call
~ app for logging meals and workouts.
*group coaching (via our 90 day challenges)
*access to online done for you meal plans and workouts for all fitness levels (beginners/intermediate/advance) all with video demos

Our new VIP group will be accessible during any of our 90 day challenges to those that purchase the challenge and to those that sign up as monthly members.

We will be offering a discount to all our current SWAL members. See below for pricing.

Current members: $5.00 monthly
New members: $10.00 monthly
90 Day Challenges: $90
Individual one on one coaching packages starting at $45 and up per month.

Our first 90 Day challenge will start September 5th. This is the perfect time as it starts right after labor day and takes us through the holidays, especially Thanksgiving one of the holidays that we tend to put on weight. The prizes offered will be dependent on the amount of participants. We will be launching more info in the coming weeks, so spread with word. We will offer a discount into the challenge to those that sign up during our launch.

What are you waiting for.? Follow this link to join the group if you are SERIOUS about any changes




OKAY who saw the VMA & Taylor Swift’s new music video LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO.? IT WAS PHENOMONAL.! I loved the song and then when the music video came out I was like omgggg ICONIC.!! How she referenced all of her haters and everything that was said about her since her career blew up.

One of my favorite parts was the snakes scene. She did that scene for KIMYE because after that whole thing with Kanye lyrics calling her a bitch came out and Kim proved she did approve, TS still said she never approved being called a BITCH and Kim never had that recording so maybe she was right, but people still called her a snake so hence the snakes……. She wore all her old outfits from different music videos, looked like “Katy Perry” (Who I love btw), & had references to her “SQUAD” while also having the end of the music video be of her old selves literally dying.! Like she said “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, WHY.? Oh cause she’s dead.!!!” I also love how she had on her old outfits from tours and old music videos and even award shows at the end with comments about what people said about her.!!! She made fun of herself and of those people all at once by saying you can say what you want to say, but at the end of the day she still rose to the TOP and her “REPUTATION” speaks for itself.! I can’t wait until REPUTATION comes out.!

P.S. did anyone else notice the SQUAD names on her new but same old shirt at the end & of course she has her main girl that she known since 2008 and been her OG squad member her ride or die, right hand girl, her main girl on the shirt too my girl Selena Gomez.!!!

P.S.S. Who noticed the I LOVE TS shirt similar to what Tom Hiddleton worn.

For anyone who didn’t understand the MV you can visit these sites that explains it well.

Click here for information about her clothing resemblence

About the ICONIC video


A Girl Who Loves Food

I am Pinning every food product, mainly smoothie on Pinterest these days. So I thought I would give you links to the ones I tried so far so you can try it out for yourself. I also included pictures of pinterest foods I did and of my own and description of how I liked them.

  1. Smoothie Bowl– Don’t have this on pinterest, but done it before and it’s easy and soooo good. I used: Strawberries, Non Fat Greek Yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon, nuts and granola. Directions- Smash the strawberries(I used a food masher to crush them) then put greek yogurt in, I eyed it since I’ve done it before. I put nuts in the smoothie bowl as well and for toppings… blueberries, cinnamon for taste and some granola. smoothie bowl.JPG
  2. Creamy Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding– Okay so this one I saw on pinterest and in the comment section alot of people were saying they tried it and some of their’s came out a bit watery and how it was good either way. So I am a woman who likes to try food atleast once (SOME FOODS LOLS) So I followed the recipe to the T. I was afraid it was going to come out watery but it was thick enough.! I feel that leaving it overnight again would have made it thicker though. I ate some of it and the rest I did not. I didn’t like it IDK why, but it didn’t make me feel good. I was feeling awful for a few hours later and I had this for breakfast. I put strawberries and blueberries and cinnamon with nuts on top. Now my chia seeds are good I eat them all the time, but maybe my taste buds just wasn’t feeling it. Like I said others have said that they enjoyed it so I guess it was just me. I deleted the pin off my pinterest but here is the link to the page if you want to try it.


  3. Whole Wheat Wrap– I didn’t find this one on Pinterest, but it was something I wanted to have for lunch and I am still full. I just had it about 20-30 minutes ago. I use a whole wheat wrap that we have and put butter on it and toasted it a bit. I had bacon, lettuce, chicken, and onions in it topped with honey mustard dressing and then I cut it in half. It was very delicious and I would be making again.!

    I hope you like this blog post. Give it some likes so I would know if to do more. Thanks for visiting.! 🙂



I was reading comments about a meme that was posted on my fb timeline and had to write a quick blog post about it. The meme was talking about working 40+ hours each week and doing overtime and still being broke. Now some people in the comment section laughed at it and said it’s because some people don’t know how to manage their financial situations causing them to be broke.

I wanted to touch on those comments specifically. What do you guys define as broke.? It can mean yes you are literally broke and can’t pay some bills because you use all the money on rent and the important bills, but now are stuck not being able to pay your other bills. OR it can mean that you were able to pay ALL your bills, rent, car insurance, gas, life insurance, and everything that needs to be paid on time and you don’t have time for yourself. It happens especially if you live in a higher demand area where everything is more expensive. I know friends who paid all their bills and have nothing left to go out for drinks, or have a good time and take time for themselves. Some even go into work on their off days because there is nothing else for them to do.

You don’t have to be the first definition of broke. You can be the second version. TBH any definition  of it is OKAY as long as you pick yourself back up because believe it or not it’s not about not organizing your financial life it’s just life and it happens ALL THE TIME.!!!! I don’t feel you should be penalized over it and those people like the ones who wrote those nasty comments laughing shouldn’t be laughing or be rude about it. It happens to everyone. Just pick yourself up and keep going because YOU are doing everything YOU can. After all you reached further than half those people laughing at you. You have bills to pay which means you reached adulthood and are paying for your OWN things while they are laughing with NOTHING.!!

So whichever BROKE you are don’t degrade yourself because of it, but be the STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WISE person that you are and GET BACK UP.! & Show them it’s OKAY to be BROKE at times when you are trying YOUR best and being an ADULT.!


P.S.  Here’s a poem for a scholarship that I wrote about an alternate ending to a fairytale… Hope u like


Free and Loose

I am down south and feeling more free than anything else. I don’t feel pressured or angry because of the fakeness. I don’t feel boredom I feel free and loose.

I haven’t done much I mean I am in the busiest city so I doubt I would have been able to do everything within 3 weeks, but what I’ve done so far feels liberating. The crazy part.? I haven’t done nothing out of the ordinary. I just don’t have fake people around me and that is what makes everything so perfect. Maybe I will encounter those kinds of people when I get out more, but I am wiser and different and I know when those kinds of people enter my life or at least are trying to, so I know who to shut out now.

Feeling free by doing NOTHING never felt so good. I don’t hear the same excuses anymore. The same lies and have to pretend to care. I don’t “care” about people’s feelings anymore because I WILL NEVER EVER see them again.!! I can finally shut them out of my life. Before I felt like I had to talk to them because there was no one else. I knew noone else there, but now I don’t give a damn. I deleted them from social media and my phone and my life and I swear I haven’t seen a gray hair since. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I haven’t done much besides the movies and visiting supermarkets and different places I will be going to every now and then. Still haven’t had the chance to see my best friend yet because she works nonstop and lives 3 hours away, but we are still planning. I am applying for jobs, I am doing everything I did there, but here I am happier. I am content. More Free than I’ve ever been. IDK if it’s being here or taking those people out of my life or both, BUT GOD does it feel AMAZING.!! Knowing I won’t hear those same excuses of why people can’t go out or the lies & sappy stories and pretend to care. I don’t have to no more because I am gone and I finally realized not to care and to stop being afraid of being alone.!!

So here are some pictures I captured throughout my three weeks of being here. Live, Laugh, Love. BUT most IMPORTANTLY BE TRUE TO YOU.!! 



Took a walk and needed to snap these pictures



Proud of who I am



Art is sometimes transparent and sometimes it’s just a tentative thing



When you try to get a schedule going and you see improvements


Going to take me a while, but I will get there. Can’t be weak forever right lols