The UNSEEN Future Is Sometimes The Best Future

No one will ever know what will happen in the future. Sometimes I just want to travel 20 years into the future where I am 43 and just have 10 minutes with my future self. See where I am, who I am with, if I have children, if I am married, have a career, have... Continue Reading →


The Power Of Three

The show that ran from October 7, 1998 until May 21st, 2008, the show that is still on Netflix and that I watch till this day, the show that still shows on tv all the time, and now the show that is getting rebooted... Charmed. If you haven't heard of Charmed, it's a show about... Continue Reading →

Every Day Fashion #TBT

I love fashion and I definitely love it when I can be fashionable on a budget. I have "everyday" clothes that I wear and I always get asked the "where are you going dressed so fancy?" question. My response.... to the store or out somewhere. But I am never going anywhere fancy these are just... Continue Reading →

To Keep It Or Not Keep It?

If you have ever been married did you change your last name to his.? If you ever been divorced did you keep his last name.? If yes then why.? Why keep the last name of your EX husband.? I know some women say they don't want to go through the hassle of changing their last... Continue Reading →

You ever Pop a Socket.?

Well have you ever popped a socket.? Because you should.! These things are amazing especially when you have a big phone. You can get these from amazon as well but it's the same price as from their site.! I go on their site all the time and I buy great new designs they come out with. ... Continue Reading →

My Scholarship Cyberbullying Post

Can’t see the other person on the other end of the computer. It’s easier and better to harass them when you are not directly face to face. You can’t see the look on their faces when you are typing the nastiest and the most hurtful things to them. That’s what gives them power; knowing that... Continue Reading →

Fashion Square

These pictures are from my recent Demi Lovato concert and also some from Disney. I love fashion and even though I am bigger in my stomach and thick with my thighs doesn't mean I don't like to go all out.!! To all my thick and bigger women do you go all out when you go... Continue Reading →

Workout Regimen

Do you have a certain time of the day to workout.? Does it matter when you workout.? Do you workout to be fit or because it's a stress reliever.? My mom loves working out at the crack of dawn and taking pictures of the sunrise. I on the other hand love working out at night... Continue Reading →

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