Choice Matters

It matters, your choices. Like if u pick pizza instead of Chinese food for dinner. It matters because now you might be eating food you don’t really want. And a wrong choice matters because behind every choice there is a consequence.

School is a choice that matters alot more than food. Picking the right school matters because that is where you will spend 4 years or more at.! Here’s how to pick the right school. Atleast here’s what helped me. . .

  1. My family is moving to another state. To florida. So I went with that. I looked at schools that are in florida and around an area they were looking at. So first before anything if you are not looking to travel far look for places that is near where u live. If u are looking to go far then disregard this first step 🙂
  2. Now that u looked at schools that is near you (if u want a place near u) next step is to look for a school that has your major. For me I looked up schools with a great psychology BA program since I finished my AA degree. So I looked for schools with a great psychology program for my Bachelors degree. Alot of schools poped up and then it was just based on narrowing them down.
  3. Now that you found schools there are two steps I used to narrow down the colleges. I looked at which had the best program. There was UCF, USF, FIU that I liked. UCF had the best program. A very popular school in Florida. If u haven’t heard of it while now u have. Uni. Of Central Florida is located in orlando. Yes where the beautiful theme parks are like disney world. Uni of South Florida is located in tampa. Another beautiful city. Haven’t been to tampa before so not sure what is over there besides Ybor city,which I was told is a great place. And then last was FIU Florida International Uni. Which is located in Fort Lauderdale which I never been to either. Now that I knew the order of great programs for me. Ucf, Usf, FIU next was the most important to me. Tuition. Ucf was the most expensive and usf was cheaper with a great program. So I applied to usf and fiu. And got into both.

I also applied to schools in NY just in case. Those were Syracuse University, and Mercy college. So 4 colleges I applied too and 4 I got into. I was shocked and surprise. I decided to go to USF even though my family will still be here in NY for another year. I researched the program and even information about the school. And i automatically feel in love. So I’m going to be starting usf in august and I can’t wait to explore and learn new things. After my BA I’m going on to do my MA for marriage therapy. It’s hard choosing a school at times especially if you got into all the schools you applied for. But sometimes it’s easy as saying 123. I’m in love with usf. And my orientation was AMAZING. Can’t wait to start and have fun and get my GPA up and learn alot about psychology. What do you do to help you choose your choice of college.?

P.S if anyone is going to USF and will be going for their BA and/or is leaving ’19 comment and lmk. Love to meet new people.! 🙂

P.s.S. I also got accepted into a GA school but can’t remember which one. :/

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