I Got “Mad Love” For JoJo

I love JoJo since her “Leave get out” and “Baby it’s You” days lols.! She stopped singing for a long time because of her record label not wanting to let her go. She was stuck at this record label for years and so much as happened to her since then.

But she is FINALLY back and wrote an album about it called, Mad Love. She wrote about her life in that time and even about her fans. She named the album Mad Love because of us having so much love for her during her difficult times. Before her album she came out with singles and videos for three different songs titled, “When Love Hurts”, “Save My Soul”, and “Say Love”. Sadly they are only viewed a few million times. It isn’t as big as it should be.

There are so many people who can’t sing or hit the high notes like she can who are recognized more than her. It sucks and it’s a disappointment in the music industry in my opinion. The good news is after headlining for concerts for other artists she finally is headlining her OWN tour.! Yes her Mad Love tour starts next year and I am so excited that I got a Meet And Greet Ticket to see her perform and take a picture with her. My first concert ever is going to be seeing her and I am so excited.

I know JOJO will get big very soon no doubt. Now that she is back and will be doing more albums and soon acting again she will get huge quickly. Some of her UK tour dates are sold out already and so she added more. Even some of her meet and greet tickets are sold out all over. There are some left, but it’s hard to get. It took me an hour of searching before I finally found one. I am so happy I did and I can’t wait to see her and take pictures. I have to make sure my phone is charged and my portable chargers are charged as well lols.! 🙂

JOJO you have fans girl and I am one of them. And we can’t wait to see you.



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  1. That’s awesome you got a Meet & Greet ticket! I’m a big fan of JoJo too! I got her first album when it came out(I was like 12) now I’m 25 & I still listen to it! Breezy, Homeboy, & Weak are my ishhh lol. Her new album is good too!

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