Gym Or Home Workouts.?

Do you go to gym for a workout or have you transformed a part of your house into a gym so you don’t need to drive or find transportation to get to the gym.?

For me I workout at home, which is something I love and hate at the same time. It’s convenient, but it’s also not the best place to get the perfect workout for me. If you have all the equipments you need and also have gym equipments then it’s probably not as bad for you. Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to go in my basement and workout like I would if I was to say I am going for a hike or to the gym. I will have more motivation to get up and get out there to the gym where my money is going to or even for a hike outside. I only have a treadmill and some dumbbells that I use for my challenges which are fun. Since I don’t have a gym membership I do free challenges.! The challenges are for 15 days and are challenging but fun. I have lost some belly fat and weight from these challenges, but what I have realized and started taking note is that the weight isn’t the biggest part of this. Sometimes your weight can stay the same, but you can lose belly fat and that’s happening with me. I feel good and that’s all that matters to me. I am doing great and I know I have to just keep working hard for my goal and I will get there.

Gym or at home workouts, where ever I am, I will continue to strive for better and work hard.


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