How Long Is Too Long For A Reply.?

How long should you wait for a reply from your crush.? I mean should you wait an entire day for a reply or just move on.? What about from your significant other.? Is it okay to just wait ALL day or for hours wondering why they aren't responding.? I don't like waiting forever for a... Continue Reading →


Sistas Winning At Losing

Ever feel like you can't get up to workout.!? Or you just don't know what to eat. Ever want help, someone telling you what to eat and which workouts to do so you won't have to burden yourself with all of that.? I know I do. It sucks when you are just starting out with... Continue Reading →


OKAY who saw the VMA & Taylor Swift's new music video LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO.? IT WAS PHENOMONAL.! I loved the song and then when the music video came out I was like omgggg ICONIC.!! How she referenced all of her haters and everything that was said about her since her career blew... Continue Reading →

A Girl Who Loves Food

I am Pinning every food product, mainly smoothie on Pinterest these days. So I thought I would give you links to the ones I tried so far so you can try it out for yourself. I also included pictures of pinterest foods I did and of my own and description of how I liked them.... Continue Reading →


I was reading comments about a meme that was posted on my fb timeline and had to write a quick blog post about it. The meme was talking about working 40+ hours each week and doing overtime and still being broke. Now some people in the comment section laughed at it and said it's because... Continue Reading →

Free and Loose

I am down south and feeling more free than anything else. I don't feel pressured or angry because of the fakeness. I don't feel boredom I feel free and loose. I haven't done much I mean I am in the busiest city so I doubt I would have been able to do everything within 3... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Curse

I hate when this holiday starts to come around I feel trapped and alone and stuck I never do anything special and I guess that is because it's the busiest day of the year But why is it fair to watch families go out and have fun each year.? Why is it fair to read... Continue Reading →

Love On TV

Can you get married to a complete stranger in a week.? Or within 10 weeks.? What about the first time you ever meet your spouse is on your wedding day.? Can you go on a tv show and let "professional" match makers tell you which person is your perfect match.? Can you eliminate potential bachelors/bachelorettes... Continue Reading →

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