Okay i have to do a recap for this episode. It was episode 8 and it was SOOOOOOO INTENSE OMG. This show gets insane and insane and insane each week.!!! If you do not watch the show and want to know what it is about you can check out my The Family blog and get information on what it’s about and how to catch up.! If you have not watched this episode yet or just havent watched any episodes from this series THEN DO NOT CONTINUE READING.!! IF U DO THEN THAT IS ON YOU BECAUSE THIS IS SPOILERS.!!!!  KEEP ON READING


The Family

I watch a lot of tv shows. Too much to count TBH.!! One of them is this AWESOME, FANTASTIC, THRILLER, CAPTIVATING, show “THE FAMILY” . If you have not watched this show yet you need to. It comes on ABC at 9pm as the picture says. It is really good and my mother and I love it.!  If … Continue reading The Family


I am currently out of school for the moment.! I got into an accident in Florida and got hurt badly. I am okay, but will have to be out of school for a while.! And honestly since i have so much time i thought i might as well update my blog and get back into … Continue reading T.I.M.E.


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When most people hear the word, they think of clothing. Today I am referring to the mental and emotional layers we wear and carry around with us daily.  How  many times have you tried to get healthy but it always seems to be just out of  your reach? You believe that you are doing everything possible but no results. You work harder but give up because nothing you do seems to be working. Do you know what your mental and emotional layers are? Have you taken the  necessary steps to eliminate all the negative thoughts that are holding you  back? Figuring out our emotional and psychological layers can seem like an uphill task, but it is necessary. I encourage you to take action today. Uncover what your layers are and you will move one step closer to removing them. Undercover Sista Continue reading Layers


It’s been forever since i wrote a post. I’ve been soooo busy. Trying to get everything situated into my new life. Let me tell u it is not easy. I am overwhelmed by so much.! I will try to post more.! What can i say that will quickly summarize everything.? Florida is not what i … Continue reading WOAHHHHH