How Long Is Too Long For A Reply.?

How long should you wait for a reply from your crush.? I mean should you wait an entire day for a reply or just move on.? What about from your significant other.? Is it okay to just wait ALL day or for hours wondering why they aren’t responding.?

I don’t like waiting forever for a reply back. Unless you let me know that you are busy, at work or what ever it is that would take up your time then why is it taking you 5 hours to respond or even 2 hours.? I don’t trust when you are with someone or even getting to know someone and they respond back to you so late to the point that you forgot you even wrote them.

I have a friend who was dating a guy and she said she would write him in the morning and at times wouldn’t hear nothing from him until late that night or until the next morning.! I MEAN WOAH.!! NO way is that acceptable why is your MAN writing you so late and even the next day.? He wasn’t at work or busy…. Well busy avoiding you, but why is that.? IDK and neither did she so she left him which I was like good. Because MAYBE once in a while sure, BUT ALL THE TIME.? That’s your relationship with him nope.! That is NOT OKAY.!

No one should wait FOREVER for a reply back when the person is not “BUSY“. If you do take forever to respond back it’s because they are busy AVOIDING you and that is not a healthy relationship.! It’s a relationship that is forced and why be in a relationship where your significant other or your crush isn’t doing things you want and love, but the opposite.? So you can say you are in a relationship.? It’s not worth it.! If you are NOT getting what you WANT & DESERVE from this relationship just end it and move on to someone better.




I was reading comments about a meme that was posted on my fb timeline and had to write a quick blog post about it. The meme was talking about working 40+ hours each week and doing overtime and still being broke. Now some people in the comment section laughed at it and said it’s because some people don’t know how to manage their financial situations causing them to be broke.

I wanted to touch on those comments specifically. What do you guys define as broke.? It can mean yes you are literally broke and can’t pay some bills because you use all the money on rent and the important bills, but now are stuck not being able to pay your other bills. OR it can mean that you were able to pay ALL your bills, rent, car insurance, gas, life insurance, and everything that needs to be paid on time and you don’t have time for yourself. It happens especially if you live in a higher demand area where everything is more expensive. I know friends who paid all their bills and have nothing left to go out for drinks, or have a good time and take time for themselves. Some even go into work on their off days because there is nothing else for them to do.

You don’t have to be the first definition of broke. You can be the second version. TBH any definition  of it is OKAY as long as you pick yourself back up because believe it or not it’s not about not organizing your financial life it’s just life and it happens ALL THE TIME.!!!! I don’t feel you should be penalized over it and those people like the ones who wrote those nasty comments laughing shouldn’t be laughing or be rude about it. It happens to everyone. Just pick yourself up and keep going because YOU are doing everything YOU can. After all you reached further than half those people laughing at you. You have bills to pay which means you reached adulthood and are paying for your OWN things while they are laughing with NOTHING.!!

So whichever BROKE you are don’t degrade yourself because of it, but be the STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WISE person that you are and GET BACK UP.! & Show them it’s OKAY to be BROKE at times when you are trying YOUR best and being an ADULT.!


P.S.  Here’s a poem for a scholarship that I wrote about an alternate ending to a fairytale… Hope u like

Welcome To My Curse

I hate when this holiday starts to come around

I feel trapped and alone and stuck

I never do anything special and I guess that is because it’s the busiest day of the year

But why is it fair to watch families go out and have fun each year.?

Why is it fair to read about families having a blast and going out for dinner or doing something spectacular.?

Why am I cursed on this day to do nothing and watch others live a dream I wish to live on this one day.?

Why is it okay for me to feel left out on this day.?

Why am I cursed to watch people be happy when it’s my day too.?

When I should be feeling the happiest.

When I should be feeling blessed, Jubilant.

Honestly every time it comes around I just wish more than anything that this day will hurry up and go away succinctly.

This curse is insidious in my life because it’s such a poignant day in my life where I realize that this will always just be another day

That to others and now to me it’s nothing special it’s just another day ALOT of people celebrate

It’s just like any other day

I can’t go out or do anything spectacular, but even worse because this is supposed to be my day

My chance to have fun with my friends and family

The day I add a number to my life & the day that out of the entire year is supposed to be my day

But it’s not because everyone celebrates this day

Everyone visits family and do their own thing with their loved ones

So this curse what is it.?

Well it’s my birthday and it’s the WORSE day of the year………






Bad Weather = Deal Breaker.?

Is bad weather a deal breaker.? Can you go out in rain, or when there is snow on the floor.? Or do you prefer to stay inside and forget the date all together.?

I know people who sees that it is going to rain and would text me saying oh it’s going to rain so I don’t want to go out anymore. And I would be confused wondering why…. I mean it is just rain and we are going to be inside.! What is it with people and it being sunny all the time for people to go outside and have fun. We don’t be “outside” really we go outside to get to where we got to go and then when we get there we are inside. I mean there are umbrellas for rain that is what they were made for. So why is bad weather a deal breaker.?

I don’t hang out with people like that because most likely when people say oh there is going to be bad weather when you ARE NOT going to be outside is just an excuse for not wanting to hang out with you. I mean who can’t go outside in bad weather when you aren’t staying outside but going inside. You are going outside to get into your car and then you are inside and then you are driving somewhere and when you arrive you are getting out to go inside and guess what both those outside times you can get an umbrella and it will be less than 1 minute to get inside.

So is bad weather a deal breaker when it is not storming outside.? No not for me, but others….. well they might give you a different answer.



Why is it when a model poses a certain way it is beautiful and perfect, but when a “regular” does it is offensive and demeaning.? Or how about when they post in something specific it’s amazing and gorgeous, but non models get called names for wearing the same thing on a daily basis or just for fun. Why does it matter.? What makes models different.? Because they are getting paid.? Because they are more popular.? What is it that makes them get more “respect” than others.? What makes them be more approachable and likeable than others.?
I believe we are all perfect and shouldn’t feel any less because we aren’t on the cover of magazines or in commercials. Perfect or perfection is a definition that defines everyone because it doesn’t fit just one description. Just like beautiful doesn’t just fit thin or thick people but EVERYONE.!
So PERFECT you can definitely run towards me and everyone else who sees themselves that way. But honestly who has time to even be perfect.? Who wants that pressure of being perfect.? Perfect isn’t for me and may not be for you so how about we throw out that word from our vocabulary and use SPECTACULAR instead.!

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Job Discrimination

Why can’t cashiers sit down.? Why must we stand to do transactions and bag the customer’s items.? Why is it a huge problem for us to sit.?

I feel that we should be able to sit down I mean why not we are standing behind a desk majority of our shifts anyways so why not have us sit down.? Especially for disabled people who can’t stand up for too long because of their back or because they have a bad knee. What do you tell those kind of people.? You can’t be hired because we don’t have a chair for you to sit on.? Do you discriminate against disabled people.? What if those people aren’t qualified for clerical work where they are able to sit and file, fax, organize because those places want an experienced worker.? Is it fair to discriminate people at a work place where they can bring in a higher population.? Even if they can’t bring in too much people is it still fair, should it matter if a person is disabled as long as they are doing their job.? 

What about people with natural hair like dreads or their hair out in an afro or curls out. Why is it not wrong to not hire people who are qualified because of how their hair is.? If it is not a chef job where your hair can get into the food why does it matter.? If I am doing a retail job like cashier, sales associate, or even manager, why should I change my hairstyle to please you so I can get hired.? That is not fair and these are just a few things that should be changed. 

I shouldn’t have to beg for a chair if I am disabled just like someone with afro or dreads shouldn’t have to search for a job that accepts their hair type. It’s not fair or right. If they want to wear their hair out in curls or an afro or have dreads then that is their right and if I need a chair because I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes without my back killing me then that should be my right as well. I should be turned because I don’t have the credentials, not because I am different from your other workers. We should all be treated the same especially if we can bring so much to your business and we have the credentials to work there. 


Job discrimination is REAL and it should be BANISHED.! 



ReEvaluate: You Are Who You Hang Out With

Ever heard that saying that you are who you hang out with.? That who you hang out with is who you are becoming or acquire to be.? Well I have over and over growing up which is why I always tried to make sure that I didn’t have any friends that were not similar to me or at least wanted a REAL friendship.! Now let me explain what a REAL friendship to me is.

For me I am a psychology major so I need communication. Now majority of my friends aren’t texters which is fine because we communicate through snap, face time, or even phone calls at times. I even have friends that I talk to probably 3-5X a month. I think everyone has those friends, but of course we try not to right.? I mean yes we have lives, so I don’t mind, but you also want those friends that YOU can rely on when something is going on and how are you going to be able to vent when you only have friends that aren’t that close to you and you talk to 60X or less throughout the year.?

A friendship to me is when I can depend on the people I talk to to be there for me when I really need to vent or just need someone to be there for me like I am for them. Someone who I know will have my back and be that best friend that is always by my side even if it’s not physically. Friends that will check up on me when they know something is wrong. That to me is friendship. REAL friendship.

I am a person that deals with my shit on my own. I rather go through it alone than deal with it with others at time just because why burden other people with my issues.? But when I really need to vent and when I really need a friend I will show it with/without asking. I will post my anger on snapchat, fb and I even will tell people that I am having a bad day and things don’t seem to be getting better. Do I expect my FRIENDS to hmu and see what is wrong.? HELL YES.! WHY.? Because I do that for them. If I see something is wrong I don’t just look at their snaps and keep moving along with my life I write them to make sure everything is okay. Even if they don’t respond I am the person that will hit u up in the morning and the night everyday to make sure you know that I am here for you whenever you want to talk. I even will give it a day or two and just try again. Because I am that person who wants you to know that I have your back and I will be there for you as your friend who cares. I feel that is my place to just keep in touch with you no matter what you are going through and even if you don’t respond I want and need you to know that when you are feeling better I am here if u still have things u want to vent out. And yes people talk to me about things even afterwards and I don’t mind. But when it’s my turn NOONE is there. I was ready to talk and I couldn’t get in touch with no one. So not only did no-one check up on me after all my SUBTLE AND NON SUBTLE MESSAGES I posted online, but when I was ready to talk I still got no response.

Now my question is am I just like them.? I mean if the saying is true then we are who we hang out with. So am I like this as well.? Where I am not there for people and I am dreaming that I am. Am I this type of person.? Is this why I attract these kind of people towards me.? Or is the saying a lie and we all just need to learn to not have people in our lives and just be loners. Just no friends, just a significant other and no-one else in the world matters.? IDK, BUT I KNOW I AM NOT WHO I HANG OUT WITH. But maybe just MAYBE a LONER is my way of life. Maybe just MAYBE I am who I hang out with…… ATLEAST NOW I AMMAYBE JUST MAYBE………..