I was reading comments about a meme that was posted on my fb timeline and had to write a quick blog post about it. The meme was talking about working 40+ hours each week and doing overtime and still being broke. Now some people in the comment section laughed at it and said it’s because some people don’t know how to manage their financial situations causing them to be broke.

I wanted to touch on those comments specifically. What do you guys define as broke.? It can mean yes you are literally broke and can’t pay some bills because you use all the money on rent and the important bills, but now are stuck not being able to pay your other bills. OR it can mean that you were able to pay ALL your bills, rent, car insurance, gas, life insurance, and everything that needs to be paid on time and you don’t have time for yourself. It happens especially if you live in a higher demand area where everything is more expensive. I know friends who paid all their bills and have nothing left to go out for drinks, or have a good time and take time for themselves. Some even go into work on their off days because there is nothing else for them to do.

You don’t have to be the first definition of broke. You can be the second version. TBH any definition  of it is OKAY as long as you pick yourself back up because believe it or not it’s not about not organizing your financial life it’s just life and it happens ALL THE TIME.!!!! I don’t feel you should be penalized over it and those people like the ones who wrote those nasty comments laughing shouldn’t be laughing or be rude about it. It happens to everyone. Just pick yourself up and keep going because YOU are doing everything YOU can. After all you reached further than half those people laughing at you. You have bills to pay which means you reached adulthood and are paying for your OWN things while they are laughing with NOTHING.!!

So whichever BROKE you are don’t degrade yourself because of it, but be the STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WISE person that you are and GET BACK UP.! & Show them it’s OKAY to be BROKE at times when you are trying YOUR best and being an ADULT.!


P.S.  Here’s a poem for a scholarship that I wrote about an alternate ending to a fairytale… Hope u like


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