Bad Weather = Deal Breaker.?

Is bad weather a deal breaker.? Can you go out in rain, or when there is snow on the floor.? Or do you prefer to stay inside and forget the date all together.?

I know people who sees that it is going to rain and would text me saying oh it’s going to rain so I don’t want to go out anymore. And I would be confused wondering why…. I mean it is just rain and we are going to be inside.! What is it with people and it being sunny all the time for people to go outside and have fun. We don’t be “outside” really we go outside to get to where we got to go and then when we get there we are inside. I mean there are umbrellas for rain that is what they were made for. So why is bad weather a deal breaker.?

I don’t hang out with people like that because most likely when people say oh there is going to be bad weather when you ARE NOT going to be outside is just an excuse for not wanting to hang out with you. I mean who can’t go outside in bad weather when you aren’t staying outside but going inside. You are going outside to get into your car and then you are inside and then you are driving somewhere and when you arrive you are getting out to go inside and guess what both those outside times you can get an umbrella and it will be less than 1 minute to get inside.

So is bad weather a deal breaker when it is not storming outside.? No not for me, but others….. well they might give you a different answer.


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