Why is it when a model poses a certain way it is beautiful and perfect, but when a “regular” does it is offensive and demeaning.? Or how about when they post in something specific it’s amazing and gorgeous, but non models get called names for wearing the same thing on a daily basis or just for fun. Why does it matter.? What makes models different.? Because they are getting paid.? Because they are more popular.? What is it that makes them get more “respect” than others.? What makes them be more approachable and likeable than others.?
I believe we are all perfect and shouldn’t feel any less because we aren’t on the cover of magazines or in commercials. Perfect or perfection is a definition that defines everyone because it doesn’t fit just one description. Just like beautiful doesn’t just fit thin or thick people but EVERYONE.!
So PERFECT you can definitely run towards me and everyone else who sees themselves that way. But honestly who has time to even be perfect.? Who wants that pressure of being perfect.? Perfect isn’t for me and may not be for you so how about we throw out that word from our vocabulary and use SPECTACULAR instead.!

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