Can Happiness Be Real.?

Can it be true that happiness can be REAL.? Can everyone really be happy in their life.? I used to have so much dubious about happiness because I felt it was never a thing for me to truly have. I mean of course yes I get happy at times with certain things, BUT to be sincerely happy all the time or majority of the time.? Well that is something that was rare for me, but I think I broke the curse and I can actually be happy for real. I think happiness can be REAL.!

I am starting a new chapter in my life one where I have a say in my endeavours. I know I WILL succeed because this time I know what I want and what I don’t want or NEED. This time I am in control and I know what to do to just be happy. To keep the happiness at in all time HIGH.

And now here are some pictures of me enjoying my happiness and starting my new chapter. 🙂

thickbefore the pooljogging trail 2jogging trail 3jogging trailloving bathing suitsnapchat photo


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