Job Discrimination

Why can’t cashiers sit down.? Why must we stand to do transactions and bag the customer’s items.? Why is it a huge problem for us to sit.?

I feel that we should be able to sit down I mean why not we are standing behind a desk majority of our shifts anyways so why not have us sit down.? Especially for disabled people who can’t stand up for too long because of their back or because they have a bad knee. What do you tell those kind of people.? You can’t be hired because we don’t have a chair for you to sit on.? Do you discriminate against disabled people.? What if those people aren’t qualified for clerical work where they are able to sit and file, fax, organize because those places want an experienced worker.? Is it fair to discriminate people at a work place where they can bring in a higher population.? Even if they can’t bring in too much people is it still fair, should it matter if a person is disabled as long as they are doing their job.? 

What about people with natural hair like dreads or their hair out in an afro or curls out. Why is it not wrong to not hire people who are qualified because of how their hair is.? If it is not a chef job where your hair can get into the food why does it matter.? If I am doing a retail job like cashier, sales associate, or even manager, why should I change my hairstyle to please you so I can get hired.? That is not fair and these are just a few things that should be changed. 

I shouldn’t have to beg for a chair if I am disabled just like someone with afro or dreads shouldn’t have to search for a job that accepts their hair type. It’s not fair or right. If they want to wear their hair out in curls or an afro or have dreads then that is their right and if I need a chair because I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes without my back killing me then that should be my right as well. I should be turned because I don’t have the credentials, not because I am different from your other workers. We should all be treated the same especially if we can bring so much to your business and we have the credentials to work there. 


Job discrimination is REAL and it should be BANISHED.! 



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