WCW: Fitness Edition

Hey everyone. I am so sorry that I haven’t posted a wcw in a few weeks I’ve been crazy busy. But I finally have time now so here is your second #WCW If you have not read the first WCW you can here

My #WCW: Fitness Edition for this week is model Sommer Ray. She is a 20-year-old female who was born and raised in Colorado. Both her parents were bodybuilders which she said made her want to compete in competitions as well. Which she started to do when she was very young. She was a bikini athlete. This is her competition history. . . 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships, Bikini Teen – 1st 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships, Bikini Class D – 1st 2015 NPC USA Championships – 16th.

In 2016 she started posting videos and pictures of her lifestyle on instagram and started to be recognized for her aesthetic physique making her a social media sensation and a fitness icon. Sommer Ray loves her body. She works hard for it and she shows it off with no care in the world. She always posts pictures with her in bikinis and she always has on a monokini thong swimsuit to show of her ASSests. She loves to show off her ass. It makes her feel confident and beautiful knowing that she worked so hard for it and it didn’t come easy.

You appreciate things more when it’s not handed to you on a silver platter. When you work hard for something that you didn’t have and you successfully get it and it’s better than what you expected it feels amazing.!


sommer ray 2sommer ray 3sommer ray 5sommer ray 6sommer ray 7sommer ray




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