I Am Just Fine

That moment when you realize you are just FINE.! I don’t mean in the sexy way, but the emotional way. When you tell yourself you are FINE the way you are. Yes I am at that point in my life now. People always say when you reach a certain age you just become okay and happy with yourself.! And I guess I reached that age peak because it’s in overload over here.

I am FINE if I don’t get a workout in, whether it’s because I forgot because I am busy or just because I don’t want to do a workout. I don’t punish myself and my mind and body for it anymore. I don’t have a gym that I go to for excercise so I just workout in my basement right now. And sometimes I don’t want to get up to go workout in my basement. I get bored VERY easily and just getting up to workout in my HOUSE is VERY PLATEAU for me.! Not much growth and movement for me.! I love fitness classes.! Yoga, Spin class, Zumba, etc…. Now that is my type of workout.!

I do try to stay active and eat healthy, but honestly I eat EVERYTHING with no shame. I just portion my food and work it off lols. I feel bad at times when I don’t do a workout and I eat “bad”. I am a semi healthy woman who eats healthy enough, no diets please.!! I was standing in the mirror and I really looked at myself.! I am a thick melanin woman who is chubby in my tummy area, but it’s not that bad. ATLEAST I don’t look pregnant.! I have thick thighs, a huge ass(IMO LOLS) & I realized I am just FINE.! I am okay with myself and my body. Of course there are things I want to continue to work on, but overall I am FINE.! I am happy with my body after all God made it a temple for me to be in. I am an inimitable human being who is just FINE and is FINALLY okay with being FINE and not PERFECT.!!!



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