ReEvaluate: You Are Who You Hang Out With

Ever heard that saying that you are who you hang out with.? That who you hang out with is who you are becoming or acquire to be.? Well I have over and over growing up which is why I always tried to make sure that I didn’t have any friends that were not similar to me or at least wanted a REAL friendship.! Now let me explain what a REAL friendship to me is.

For me I am a psychology major so I need communication. Now majority of my friends aren’t texters which is fine because we communicate through snap, face time, or even phone calls at times. I even have friends that I talk to probably 3-5X a month. I think everyone has those friends, but of course we try not to right.? I mean yes we have lives, so I don’t mind, but you also want those friends that YOU can rely on when something is going on and how are you going to be able to vent when you only have friends that aren’t that close to you and you talk to 60X or less throughout the year.?

A friendship to me is when I can depend on the people I talk to to be there for me when I really need to vent or just need someone to be there for me like I am for them. Someone who I know will have my back and be that best friend that is always by my side even if it’s not physically. Friends that will check up on me when they know something is wrong. That to me is friendship. REAL friendship.

I am a person that deals with my shit on my own. I rather go through it alone than deal with it with others at time just because why burden other people with my issues.? But when I really need to vent and when I really need a friend I will show it with/without asking. I will post my anger on snapchat, fb and I even will tell people that I am having a bad day and things don’t seem to be getting better. Do I expect my FRIENDS to hmu and see what is wrong.? HELL YES.! WHY.? Because I do that for them. If I see something is wrong I don’t just look at their snaps and keep moving along with my life I write them to make sure everything is okay. Even if they don’t respond I am the person that will hit u up in the morning and the night everyday to make sure you know that I am here for you whenever you want to talk. I even will give it a day or two and just try again. Because I am that person who wants you to know that I have your back and I will be there for you as your friend who cares. I feel that is my place to just keep in touch with you no matter what you are going through and even if you don’t respond I want and need you to know that when you are feeling better I am here if u still have things u want to vent out. And yes people talk to me about things even afterwards and I don’t mind. But when it’s my turn NOONE is there. I was ready to talk and I couldn’t get in touch with no one. So not only did no-one check up on me after all my SUBTLE AND NON SUBTLE MESSAGES I posted online, but when I was ready to talk I still got no response.

Now my question is am I just like them.? I mean if the saying is true then we are who we hang out with. So am I like this as well.? Where I am not there for people and I am dreaming that I am. Am I this type of person.? Is this why I attract these kind of people towards me.? Or is the saying a lie and we all just need to learn to not have people in our lives and just be loners. Just no friends, just a significant other and no-one else in the world matters.? IDK, BUT I KNOW I AM NOT WHO I HANG OUT WITH. But maybe just MAYBE a LONER is my way of life. Maybe just MAYBE I am who I hang out with…… ATLEAST NOW I AMMAYBE JUST MAYBE………..


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