You & Me… Morning, Afternoon, Night

Morning, Afternoon, & even Night time me and you all day everyday.!! Or at least until we are done. Until there is no more left coming out of you. Or until I can’t take anymore because you started to bore me or because 24/7 is wayy to long for me to last. Who else no matter what just needs a break.? Needs some time to breathe and do something else.? But when your energy is back you are back in motion and going along with the groove.

If you said me to that then good at least I know I am not alone. Binging is NOT easy. No matter what the show is or how much I love it. I am starting back with Orange Is The New Black because season 5 comes out soon and it looks like it’s going to be AMAZING.!!! I am currently on season 3 episode 8 and haven’t watched it in about a year. I think it’s time to start back.

I can’t binge a show because I would get bored sometimes and my mind can’t function just watching tv all day everyday. I am more of the watch each week type of person. Especially because I watch probably over 10 shows. So each week instead of binging works for me.

How about you.? Which way works for you.? Are you a binger or are you an every week person.?


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