5 Questions With. . .

If you can travel to the future to ask your future self 5 questions how far would you go and what questions would you ask.?

I would go 15 years into the future, so I would be 35 or 36 depending on how you look at it.(The great part of being born at the end of the year.) Why 35.? Well I will be reaching my peak hopefully. Maybe married, with a child/ren and having a successful career as a marriage therapist and hopefully making my way to get my own practice. As for the questions I would ask…well I wouldn’t ask direct questions but be as broad as possible. So here are my five broad questions I would ask where I can get a simple yes or no answer without having to ask another question to follow-up with it.

Dear future Angel I have 5 questions for you and I just need a yes or no answer. I hope I would be satisfied with these answers.

  1. Are you genuinely happy with your life right now.?
  2. Are you in a happy and healthy marriage.?
  3. Do you have any children.?
  4. What is your career at this moment.?
  5. Our family, are they living their lives happily.?

What the answers to these questions will be will always be a mystery, but in 15 years I guess I will find out. Until then we are always left wondering what could possibly be happening in another dimension, in the future, on another planet……


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