Young & Wild & Free

Ever felt so damn happy that you don’t have huge responsibilities.? I mean yes school, phone bills or car bills, but you still have your parents to lean on while you enjoy the beginning of your 20’s and just live freely and safely.? I do.! It feels good knowing I don’t have a child/ren like a lot of people my age and I can work and use my money to help out when needed, but it’s not NEEDED.! I get to live my early 20’s still depending on things with my parents while getting my life together & while also having fun. Some people will probably be like, I moved out when I was 18 or probably will judge me for still living with my parents and not having much responsibilities, BUT IDC.! I AM BLESSED and I won’t be ashamed of that. I have parents who are there for me always and lets me have fun and grow at my own pace.

They know I do well at school and I am doing amazing with everything I do.! I save money and I spend money not on things that a lot of other people have to use their money on, but that’s okay. We all have different life styles. There are some people who have better jobs than me, get scholarships that covers their entire tuition and take multiple vacations each year.! I CAN’T DO THAT.! I don’t have scholarships that can cover my entire tuition or money that I can save up and use to travel 3 or more times out of the year. But I am happy those people do because they are living their 20’s and the life they envisioned for them to live while in their 20’s. Everyone’s steps, journeys, and life are DIFFERENT.! Doesn’t mean your’s is better than the other, it just means God makes plans for us and gives some people more responsibilities than others early on because he knows they can handle it and others probably can’t.

For me I look at it as I am not meant to have huge responsibilities like children or marriage or houses or apartments right now, but I am meant to enjoy my life every step of the way. Traveling, clubbing, hanging out with friends anything. Some people are meant to have stories filled with excitement of travels, clubbing, living their life to the extreme and some are meant to have stories filled with excitement that they are growing up and living an adult life. I know people and had friends like that especially in high school. I knew people who wanted to move out at 16 have children and be married by 23 and me.? Well I thought they were all insane. I wanted to stay with my parents until I knew I was ready and I wanted to experience soo much before I just branch out on my own.! I wanted to be getting my MA degree by 24-26 and have traveled around the world and have a stable job and save up money for me to move out by 25/26. Everyone has different dreams. We are meant for different things in life. Doesn’t mean someone else’s life sucks less or someone else has a better life, it just means that you have your own path and everyone lives their ages differently but hopefully with happiness and fullness.


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