Same Letter Men, But Why

I hope everyone had a great new year’s. 2017 is a year to look forward to & pray things go well and greatness and fairness is gravitated towards everyone.

I wanted to start my first 2017 post with a truth I just found out about. So on fb you get memories to look back on and in h.s. I dated a guy whose name started with J. I realized that I have dated a lot of J’s. So far I have dated 4 J’s honestly maybe even more because I forgot about my h.s. J and if it wasn’t for fb I wouldn’t have even known. I don’t remember him at all, but I started wondering why do I keep dating J’s.?

Is there a psychological answer for this.? I never found one, but I will like to know. I mean once or twice okay even a third time, but there are 4 J’s and I have a feeling the next one will be a J. LOLS.

Anyone ever had this situation.? Leave comments below.


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