Looking Good In A Picture

So Christmas is in 2 days 3 hours and 59 mins according to my countdown that is on my phone.! Which means my birthday is almost here as well.! So because it’s almost here I need to learn tips for looking good in pictures and I thought I share some that I found. Thanks to my aunt who bought me Allure Magazines, I found some helpful tips from Danielle Pergament, that I am going to share below.

  1. Practice in front of a mirror– “Every single person in the world feels self-conscience about posing, but the ones who do it well are the ones who knows their best side, how to stand, where to place their feet, how to hold their arms because they did it in front of a bathroom mirror a thousand times.” This is so true.! I always practice my smile in the mirror and even on my phone with my camera.! I sometimes use my selfie stick to get a full view of my body and sometimes I use a full view mirror as well. It helps a lot when trying to find the right shoes to go with my outfits or even just to help me pick out which smile im going to go for.
  2. Know Your Smile– “Do you look better with a big smile or sexier with a smirk.? A smile can close the face- all your features migrate a bit closer to the center. Learn how to make your eyes pop open so they don’t disappear. Try to do it without looking maniacal.” I look better with a smile, my smirks don’t come out looking sexy at all. So for me I stick to my smile. I mean why not my teeth are perfect, as told all the time when I go to the dentist lols, and I am told I have a beautiful smile so I just do a full-blown smile.
  3. Follow Your Nose– “Since no one in the world has a symmetrical face your nose usually tilts one way or the other so find out which way it tilts and pose with the light coming from that side. If your nose tilts to the right and the light comes from the left, it will make your nose more prominent.” Maybe that’s why people usually have a favorite side they want pictures taken on.! For me it’s my left side.
  4. Hold Yourself High– “If you’re taking a full length picture, position your feet 45 degrees to the side, then twist your shoulders to the camera- that slims the waist and lengthens the legs. Plant one foot in front of the other and bend the front knee slightly, pushing against the ground. If you’re in the middle of a group shot, stick out your bottom. Your waist will look more defined from the front.” I guess that’s why practicing in the mirror comes in handy.? So you can know how to stand properly.? I usually do some weird stance, now I know what to practice over the weekend.

BONUS TIP: Learn How To Read Light– “If you’re a brunette, make sure your hair is off your face so it doesn’t cast a shadow. If you’re a blonde try to be backlit. The light will wrap around your face and give you a beautiful glow.” Well I shaved my hair today so I don’t think this pertains to me lols. Which is why I put it as a BONUS for people it probably does pertain too.


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