Relationship Time

Do you take your time with relationships or do you rush into the next steps.? I know people who get into a relationship and within a year are engaged and married.! Is that what we are supposed to do now.? Rush relationships, speed up time.? I know for me I like the idea of taking my time with each step.

First the dating/relationship stage.! I like the idea of being boyfriend and girlfriend for a few years. For me 2-5 years, before the engagement stage come up. This is the stage when you get to know the person you are with.! Get to know them on a personal and deeper level. Some people during this stage move in with their partner after a while to see if they can tolerate living with them forever. Usually once they realized if they can that’s when it moves forward to the next stage, Engagement.

Engagement stage is the second step.! For me the longest I would like to be engaged is 2 years MAX.!! This is the part where the woman can get their dream wedding and make sure every thing is perfect.! Being engaged should be memorable, precious and time worthy.! Why rush the best part.? People get engaged and within 3-5 months are married.! I would like my engagement process to take its time and be enjoyable.! Since it is the most stressful time why speed it up making it more stressful.?

Marriage Stage is the 3rd step.! Once you are finally married you are on your honeymoon phase for about 1-3 years.! Getting to know what it’s like being called a wife or calling your partner husband or wife. I HAVE to enjoy every moment of the first few honeymoon bliss with my future husband.! I hear after the first few years it starts getting rough. Being married is such a blessing and joyful step. I personally am selfish and would want my husband to myself for the first few years so I can get to know him all over again as my HUSBAND. Once those years are gone then I would want to go into my final stage, children.

Children stage is my final stage.! I want children in the future and if I could go 20 years into the future to see who I am married to and have children with I would. Once I know I won’t want to divorce my husband after 2-3 years of being married lols I would want to try to have children. Children are blessings and deserve their own time and stage.! Why would you rush having children right after you get married or before marriage.? Have children when you know you are ready.! For me this is after my selfish stage and I finally feel okay with sharing my husband lols.

Each step and life changing moment has a stage.! Just like jobs and school.! You can’t go to college without first getting your GED or h.s. diploma. You can’t get a job that requires a BA or MA without first getting your BA or MA at an accredited school.! So if you can’t skip these steps why skip the most beautiful and gracious steps of your life with someone to rush into another.? Cherish each moment and step and be grateful.!

Each relationship has its own time.! Don’t rush it.


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