Diet Or Portion

Anyone who is trying to be fit and healthy has probably walked into this dilemma. Should you diet or just portion your food.?

I know for me I usually do both at times.! I live with my family and they cook and since I don’t like cooking TBH I usually just eat what they make, but try to portion the food.! So I just make sure I don’t overflow my plate. I also try to make sure I don’t over flow my plate because I have a tendency of eating all my food because of the “you never know who’s starving”statement I tell myself, and if I overflow my plate I will stuff it all in and makes me feel ewww afterwards.!

I also like to make different things and when they come out good it does taste AMAZING.!! So I usually will try to make something healthy.! I follow A LOT of healthy foods on IG and I used a lot of those recipes.! I made sweet potato nachos before that came out great and I also made parfait breakfast and corn with black bean salad.! I remember a lot of people have asked if I am dieting lols.! I told them no I eat anything, but wanted to try different ways of having some of my favorite things.! And I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to make more things.!

What do you guys do.? Portion your meal and eat anything or are you on a diet.?

P.S. I can’t just eat burgers and eat fast foods or restaurant foods all the time even when I do workout like I know some people can do.! So I usually just eat home cooked meals. It’s better anyways.


Healthy nachos with cheese, black beans, corn, tomatoes, green onions, and more shredded cheese.! WAS AMAZING
Parfait with granola on top and slim choc. milk
Not a great picture, but corn with black beans salad. soooo good

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