Seasonal, Sometimes Or Everyday

What kind of company in friends do you have.? Are you the type of person to have seasonal or sometimes friends.? Or are you the type to have everyday friends.? Which one works for you.?

Seasonal friends are when you only talk to certain people during certain months.! Sometimes friends are when you have that off and on friendship and you talk for some weeks and then all of a sudden you stop talking for weeks and it goes back and forth. Everyday Friends is when you talk to people all the time no matter what.! They are friends you turn to for everything.!

I have all of that.! I have seasonal friends that I talk to when I need to do things for my birthday and we will talk around my birthday and have fun and then probably won’t talk for the rest of the year.! I have sometimes friends as well.! I don’t have as much as I used to because I like to cut those people out, but there are some friends who I don’t care to talk to much about things and I will hit them up or vice versa to hang out and check up on each other.! Then I have my everyday friends, my favorite people, my real besties.! I only have a few, but these people I can talk to about anything.! I talk to these people each week if not each day and it’s amazing when you have friends like that.! I cherish them and love them a lot.! They are the closest people in my friends group to me.!

I also have advice friends.! I have some friends who hits me up all the time asking for advice.! I am becoming a therapist and I have friends who will only hmu for advice and I don’t mind that.! Once you establish that type of relationship with people you realize it’s a job not so much a friendship anymore.! I love giving advice which is why I am becoming a therapist so helping people is something I don’t mind doing.! I love helping as much people as possible.!


What about you.? What kind of friends do you have.?


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