Which “Weigh” Did You Tip The Scale

Hey everyone this is another fitness blog post. I am done with therapy so now I am working out on my own.! In my own home.! I am doing a 5 weeks challenge that is free.! 🙂 I love anything that is free especially anything that helps motivate me and makes me look and feel better.

Now with this challenge we have to take before and after pictures just like any other challenge.! So i took pictures and I also took measurements.! I was so excited to learn that I am down a few inches all over except for my thighs they stood the same.! And my waist went up an inch.! I am not complaining about that because I want my waist and BOOTAYYYYYY to still be thick and big.! I just want my stomach and waist to look amazing.! Who doesn’t want a flat stomach.?

I have been eating healthy, making different foods.! Different ways to mix up a salad, sweet potatoes nachos and just been having a great time learning my body.! One thing that I have noticed is that your weight doesn’t matter.! I mean don’t get me wrong it does in some aspect, but if you feel great and are noticing a difference in your clothes, like loose clothing and you just feel amazing then take that over weight.! I know of a lot of people who lose their stomachs and some inches off their waist and breast, but still end up weighing the same as before.! Then there are some people who lose a lot of weight while losing their stomachs. Not everyone is the same.! Everyone’s bodies are different.! You just have to figure out how your body works and do what works for you.!


I want to hear from you guys.! Which “weigh” did you tip the scale.? Does your body stay at the same weight even when you lose inches of your body or does your body weight go down as well.?



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