Is It Bad If A Women Isn’t The House Cook.?

How many women can cook.? How many women can cook because they had to when they were younger.? How many women can cook because they loved it ever since they were little.? How many women can cook certain things, but not everything.? How many women can’t cook at all.?

I am a woman who can cook some things, but not everything.! I think it bothered people more than it bothered me.! It started bothering me when people would start saying well who is going to cook the food for your children or your husband.? For me I will look so astonished. When you think this generation couldn’t get anymore foul and rude they just surprise me EVERY SINGLE TIME.!

Apparently the “MEN” work late and should come home to their plate in the microwave, dishes cleaned, children showered and in bed with their homework done and house clean so he don’t have to do anything.! We women are supposed to be the housewives and not work and cook for our men “ALL THE TIME” no matter how tired we are.! No excuses.! That is such BULL.!! Sorry, but we are in the 21st century and men can cook for their damn selves.! What if a women comes home later than the man.? I don’t hear people telling men oh you need to have the kids washed, house cleaned, food cooked and dishes cleaned.! No it’s double standard only women are told these things.!

I am starting to learn how to do different things.! Slowly but surely I am becoming more confident in my cooking.! But I AM NO CHEF and if I can I would love to marry a man who loves cooking.! There are some men who cook and their wives’ don’t.! Honestly it is just life now.! I want to learn how to cook so when I am alone in my apartment I will be able to survive, so I am learning for my benefit.! NOT for the benefit of my future husband.! Yes I will cook some meals so when he gets off work late he can have food, but for him to expect me to always cook and clean and him to do nothing is something that I WON’T ALLOW SOCIETY TO TRAP INTO MY HEAD OR IN MY HOME.!

Here are some meme’s against women who don’t cook and some for women who don’t cook.!


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