Waiting For Marriage

When you get engaged do you wait until marriage to have sex.? Some people that I know of and talk to say that they have sex before they get engaged, but when they get engaged, if they are getting married within a year they wait until they get married.! They say it makes the sex even better and you want it more.!

Does waiting really make you want your partner more.? Can you do other things besides penetration.? Why wait until you get engaged to actually “wait” to hold out on sex until marriage.? Why not hold out sex until marriage from the beginning if that’s the route you are going to go down when you get engaged.? What makes it better to wait once you get engaged than to wait when you are in a relationship with someone.?

I hear stories like, I want to make sure I am not wasting my time with him. Or I want to make sure he can actually pleasure me and not bore me.! People say sex is 50% of the relationship and if they can’t get what they want from their partner then a future can’t be set with that person which is why they “MUST” try it out before marriage. If they don’t get what they want then they know to either end it or just help that person pleasure them.!

It’s crazy to think that this world relies on sex in a relationship for a marriage to even work.! What about you; is sex a deal breaker.? Or are you someone who don’t care and feel you can help your significant other pleasure you in other ways.? Leave comments below


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  1. Personally, I believe that waiting for sex until after marriage is best but then I hear things all the time that object to this and today’s society almost makes it seems that its impossible to do so. I believe that if you unconditionally love somebody, love transcends pleasure/ mere wants. Bad sex or no sex is not going to diminish the relationship if you unconditionally love someone but then apparently for some, it is enough to leave the person ( a conditional relationship ?). I guess it really does vary as to what each individual person prioritizes/wants in their relationships and I can not judge people for that. That being said though, for me though, sex is certainly NOT a deal breaker and I feel that there is so much more to the equation than just sex when it comes to loving someone.

    ~ Bre

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