Is There A Designated Towel For Your Menstrual Days.?

All of us women have them, menstrual days every month. I hate getting mine, I mean why can’t mother nature send me a text saying her girl i’m just letting you know you are not pregnant.?! Nope I have to go through 5 days of torture.! There are so many things that bother people when they are on their cycle not me I am pretty much the same when I am on mine, BUT I do have one thing that I can’t do which is sex on my cycle.! I don’t care about NO TYPE OF DESIGNATED TOWEL…. I AM NOT HAVING SEX ON MY PERIOD.!

Now there are some women and men who LOVES having sex on their period.! I hear some men like the sound of it (INSERT BARFING EMOJI HERE) & some women don’t care.! I mean if you look at the fifty shades book Mr.Grey himself took out Ms. Steele’s tampon and threw it in the garbage and had sex with her in the bathroom repeatedly.!! How was he even comfortable doing that and how was she even comfortable.! EWWWW GROSS.!

I was watching my tv show called Younger and the woman was on her cycle and when she told her boyfriend he goes “Okay no problem I have a designated towel for that.” I am just happy that I wasn’t the only one weirded out by that.! The woman was also weirded out by that and she asked her friends about it who reassured her that apparently sex on your period is good and not a bad thing and she should try it.!

I feel if you are uncomfortable like me then don’t do it, but if you want to try it then go ahead.! If you tried it already leave how you felt about it in the comments below.!! Was it good or totally uncomfortable.?? Did you want to do it or did you just want to please your partner.?


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