Can One Person Make A Difference.?

I have been thinking about this for my whole afternoon, evening, and now night so I knew I had to write about it.! Can ONE person make a difference.? Now this all started because of my interesting lunch I had today with my friend.!

My friend and I went to Applebees and was greeted by this man who kept eyeing us.! He took us to a table and told us our waiter will be with us shortly.! So while we were patiently waiting we kept noticing that the man was lurking our way.! He kept passing our table looking at us… me specifically.! And we kept wondering, why is he looking at us so deeply.? Our waiter came we ordered our food and talked about life.! We were catching up on things because even though we text we don’t see each other often.! Lunch was fantastic (even though I am going to have to work it off the next day lols.! You can read about my workout life right here.

Now we finished eating and didn’t realize that the time was passing us by because we kept chatting.! She boxed up her food and I finished mine and while we were waiting for our check that man came up to our table with someone else.! It was creepy, but weirdly, at the end inspiring.! He started by saying sorry for interrupting us, but he just had to tell me that it’s something about me.! Now he asked if I go to church or if I ever went to church before and I told him yes I did when I was younger.! Then he asked if I am an interior designer in which I replied no, then he asked if I love children and helping people in which I replied saying yes.! Then he told my friend it’s nothing against her, but for some reason he has a calling to let me know that even though he doesn’t know me he knows that I am a great passionate person who will do amazing and wonderful things in the future that can help people.! He continued by saying, “It’s like a calling from God that I let you know about this.! I guess he is speaking to me because you know I don’t know you, but I know for sure you can change things for the better, that you will be that person.! ” He said it’s no joke he knows I will do great things in the future and that I am this positive person that can impact the world.!

Then he went on to tell my friend that she should know that she is beautiful and to never doubt that.! That she should know that she is loved and is important to people.! He said it felt like it was his duty in that moment to let us know what “God” was thinking.! While he said all of these things his co-worker stood there listening.! After he said everything he left and my friend said she actually believes it.! That she feels there are people who probably have that sense and connection and people like him are a help from God.! She said to me how she was thinking the same thing a few days ago about me being that positive calling that can make a difference.! That she truly believes it.! And while she was saying that I remembered my friends and family and even professors saying that.! Telling me that my positive outlook on life, my energy, my persona of happiness, my bright personality is something that a lot of people can use and I am someone who can bring that into people.!

IDK if these things are actual “meant to be” type things, but to keep hearing the same thing it must be something.! Can I really be someone to help change the world into something positive.! Can I make and be the difference.! Can ONE person really make a change and a difference one step at a time.?!


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