Transformations Makes It Different

What does your transformations look like.? What are you transforming.? Are you changing your body, your eating habits, your hair, your major.? What transformations that you do makes it different from before.?

For me my transformation with my body makes it different.! I know that in order to be healthy I must do the work.! I don’t want to look at myself and see this unhealthy person anymore.! I don’t want to stick with habits that aren’t working anymore or truthfully were never working.! It was just easier than trying to find time to workout everyday or even 3 days a week.! I didn’t want to put in the work, but because of that I failed to maintain a healthy body and now I have no choice, but to put in the work.!

I don’t want to worry about getting diabetes or have my doctor tell me at such a young age that I am overweight and my body won’t function the same anymore because of all these bad eating habits.! I knew it was time for a change a while back, but I always stopped and gave up and went back to my “routine” that I knew so well and didn’t want to change.! Now being 2016 I finally said enough is enough.! I have decided to make a change and transform my life.! It’s hard at times of course, but I am pushing through it.! It’s been a month and a few days and I honestly feel great.! I don’t eat all the junk or drink so much unhealthy things.! I make sure my body is cleanse and healthy.! I am nowhere close to where I want to be, but I am making sure I push myself.!

The hardest part is not to look at the scale because it’s not the best thing to do.! You can see a difference, but the scale can discourage you by being the same number or only going down 3 pounds.! As long as you see the difference that’s what matters.!

Here are my before and after photos.!

1ST COLLAGE- LEFT: From August 25th 2016 RIGHT: September 27th 2016

2ND COLLAGE- LEFT: September 27th 2016 RIGHT: September 19th 2016

fitness transformation.jpg

Now I am nowhere being close to my goal, BUT I’m working hard because I see a difference & so does everyone else which helps motivates me.! I guess transformation does make a difference.!


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