You ever felt like once you are not around people things start to fade.! I have, a lot of times, at different times.!

You will be super close to people and then you leave to either go home, move away for a few months, go on a trip or go somewhere for a long time and then you and the people you used to talk to 24/7 starts to become people you talk to MAYBE once, twice, three times in a month, if you’re lucky.! You notice that things maybe were never as it seemed.! You realize things that maybe you never noticed before or never impacted your life because you were so close and it just didn’t matter.! Being far away gives you that space you need to really recognize so much.!

You get the chance to disappear and see what’s real and what is not.! Some things probably were there since day 1, like their attitudes, how they act to things, you start to realize that you never had anything in common.! Maybe it was just easier to be close because no one else was there.! Now that you disappeared you have no choice but to face those challenges that you never thought would happen.! Time to face the truth.!


I’ve disappeared and now it’s my turn to face the truth and realize something I wasn’t able to before.!


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