The Virtual Cupid

How many people met their significant other online.? How many people are still looking for their significant other and have went to online dating.? I tried online dating so many times, but I never found anyone.! I tried POF AKA Plenty Of Fish, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Tinder the OG, Clover, & Coffee Meets Bagel, but of course there are way more.! Mingle, Zen date, DOWN dating: Meet, Chat, Date with hot singles,Hookup, Asian Mingle & much much more.! They have apps for lesbians, blacks, whites and different races.! You can find an app for pretty much anything now-a-days.!

Majority of these apps are not a good app and most you have to pay to send messages.! What is the point if you have to pay for everything especially something that is most useful.? I rather meet people in person for FREE.! I tried all possible dating apps, but honestly after each one I realized I just need to stick with meeting people in person.! I would love to try speed dating though and see how successful I get with that.!

I had my fair share of virtual cupid and he’s done nothing for me.! It is time to meet people in REAL life.! Through school, mutual friends, work, or maybe just bumping into someone can lead to something.! I am going to try that and maybe I will have better luck.!

Would you ever meet someone online.? Have you met someone online.?


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