Is The Gym Your Home.?

Do you find yourself wanting to get out of work just to go to the gym.? Or don’t want to go out with your friends or family members because you rather be at the gym, your next “home”.? Well you are not alone because I am sure that there are about a hundred of others feeling the same way.! Truthfully I am not one of those people.!

The only way I will go to the gym is if it is apart of my school, or apart of my apartment complex.! Other than that I will only go with a friend, someone who goes there a lot so they know what they are doing.! Even then I will probably need to be persuaded. I don’t like gyms.! There are other ways to lose weight that I rather use.! The gym isn’t fun for me.! Going for a hike, or soul cycle, zumba or any type of dance class is something I rather do.! Those are fun.!

I know of some people who LOVES the gym.! They have to go at least once a day.! Some people are just plain obsessed with going that I am convinced they will stay there all day if they could.! The gym isn’t a bad place to be.! It has everything you could need.! It has the bikes, treadmill, stairmaster, weights, anything and everything to help with glutes, arms, back, legs, chest, core, anything.! I would go to the gym to use some of the machines it has.! But in my opinion there are other ways to work those areas.! I can go to a dance class, spin class, yoga, any type of workout class out there because to me that will be more fun.! Hell I can even workout in my own home because there are DVDs now and even apps for home workouts.! Why pay a personal trainer if I don’t know how to do something while also paying for a gym membership to be babysat when I can do something way more fun and alone or with company if I please.!

The gym isn’t for everybody, you just have to find what you love and do that.! Eat healthy and workout whichever and however you are able to and get healthy and fit your own way.! Just make sure you are enjoying it and going about it in the RIGHT AND HEALTHY way.!


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