What Is Next On Your Journey: School Edition Part 2

Hey everyone. This is the second part to Which Would You Choose: School Edition. This is the part for people who got into college.! This post won’t be as long as the first part.!

If you got into the colleges you applied to now is the time to accept the one you mainly want.! Once you do that the next step will be to get ready to leave for college(if you are moving out).


If you want to live on campus now is the time to apply for housing.! You will fill out their application and make your choices.! If you have someone who you will like to room with then you can put that on the application when you get to that part.!

If you are living on campus depending on what room you get you will not be able to pack much.! If you have your own room, but share a bathroom then you can bring some extra clothes and shoes.! If you are sharing a room and a bathroom then please limit your packing.! You will know what to pack.!


You will usually have your own bathroom and bedroom and share a kitchen and living room.! (Some on-campus housing has a kitchen as well you just have to choose which housing you want). You are able to pack more things because you have more room and a whole bedroom and bathroom to yourself.! You can also mail in things so you don’t have to pack everything and travel with it all.! I mailed my bed sheets and some bathroom essentials to my off campus housing.!

If you live off campus make sure you have a way to get to school.! Some schools have buses that you can take like I did with my school.! Or you can take your car if you have one.! Make sure you have a car permit for your off housing parking.! And for both on campus and for parking anywhere around the school you will probably need a parking permit.!

Besides housing make sure you pay attention to your email because professors sometimes will e-mail you early on what books to get so you can order what you need early enough to have it for the first day of school.!

Once you get in you will know what to do.! They also usually have to-bring list for people staying on campus as well.!

Also if you are flying make sure your suitcase isnt over the limit.! If you are driving then you don’t have to worry about it.!

Good luck with your new freedom and lifestyle.! MAY THE ODDS BE FOREVER IN YOUR FAVOR.!!


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