Fit Your Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

Hey everyone.! I am starting my journey blog.! I don’t know what exactly I will blog about, but I will try to make it interesting.!

I started my fitness journey almost a month ago.! It’s been hard.! I believe I started for sure because of my PT that I do for an hour and a half for 3 days a week.! I realized it’s like a workout so I might as well start my own workouts when I am not there.! So I do home work-outs.! I don’t do anything to crazy intense, but just enough to make sure I get a good workout in and make sure I don’t make my back worst.!

I am eating healthier.! I don’t drink the peanut butter drink my father makes anymore.!! 😦 But in the long run it’s great for me.! I make sure I limit the amount I eat and don’t over flow my plate.! I got to say I do feel great and I am seeing results.! I workout on my own for about 45 mins a day when I am not at PT.! I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then do some abs, core, and butt workouts using apps that I have on my phone.! I also do all of this while listening to music to help pump me up.! I have a workout playlist that I make sure is upbeat and keeps me going.!

I am still learning about this workout thing, but all it takes is one step at a time.! Start with 3 day workouts and work your way up to however many days you want.! Some people workout every day.! Some take one or two days off it’s really up to you & what you want to do.! My goal is to lose weight and then tone up just a little bit.! I don’t want to be crazy muscular.!

I will post more about my journey.! I am doing before and after photos in two weeks so I will post about that.!

P.S. wear some cute clothes it helps motivate you as well 😉




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