Which Would You Choose.?

We are all getting to that age where we are finishing up college, getting our careers started and saving money to live in this expensive world that has been built.! The next step after you save is to move out of your parents house and get your own place.! But the question that a lot of people have is to live alone or with a roommate.! Well lets talk about the pros and cons….


  1. You can do what ever you want without someone else judging you in your face.!
  2. You can keep your place clean or have it as messy as you want.
  3. If you want pets you can have as many as you want without someone trying to get rid of it.
  4. Personal Space
  5. The independence it brings to have your own place and live alone
  6. The quiet and relaxation you get after a long day and coming home to your own place
  7. Can have whoever you want over with out a roommate feeling uncomfortable
  8. Can stay up as late as you want watching tv or blasting music, or can sleep early without a roommate complaining or making noise.
  9. Can make decisions without having to consult a roommate on things like decorating, party, etc…
  10. Can walk around naked lols or leave things out without worrying about a roommate stealing something


  1. Biggest thing is the rent. That is something you pay for alone. No roommate to help you split the cost
  2. If you are an extrovert it can get lonely really quickly
  3. You won’t have someone to have late night talks with or just weird roommate things with
  4. Cleaning the house is all on you, you wont have help around the house
  5. You won’t have someone to do late night trips to the grocery store, or fast food place, or where ever
  6. If you need a favor it wont be so easy to find people to help you with it like a roommate can probably do.


Living alone pros and cons can go on forever, but I believe living alone pros are way longer than cons. . . at least to me they are because I can’t think of much cons.!

I know that when it’s time I would move out and get my own apartment and I would be ecstatic because the feel of having my own place will feel AMAZING.!! To be INDEPENDENT, MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS, TO ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO COOK, TO HAVE A PET MAYBE A KITTEN BECAUSE PUPPIES/DOGS ARE MORE WORK.! I KNOW I WON’T BE HOME MUCH TO TAKE IT FOR WALKS SO KITTENS IT IS.!! LOLS.! I know for me it won’t be happening yet, not until a few more years.! Maybe when I am 26 I will already have my own apt.! By then I will have my BA and get me a decent paying job and find me a good apartment and finish up school with my MA and start my career in full motion.!


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