What if you was given $1 million.? What would you do with it.? Would you give it to charity.? Pay for school.? Buy a house.? Pay off whatever you need to pay off.? Travel the world.?

The things I can do with a million dollars.! First I would pay off my student loans and then put half of the money aside for school and important things I would need to pay off.! After that I would travel the world.! I would go see the world that is out there that I never have money to explore.! Then I would give to different charities & what ever is left over I will put aside with the rest.! I would love to get a whole bunch of money just to pay off my loans and travel the world for 1 year.! I feel once I explored everything I can explore in a year I would be ready for school and to finish.! But why not explore first right.?

There is soo much world out there that people are afraid to see.! I understand why with so many things happening out there it is scary to think about traveling somewhere just to get hurt.! But at the same time bad things happen EVERYWHERE even where we live, so does that mean I won’t go home because something bad is always happening near where I live.?? NO.! Take a risk.! I rather be known as Angel, the woman who had so much life, love, positivity in her mind and heart.! The woman who looked at the bigger and brighter things in life and never gave up hope.! The woman who fought for what she wanted and made sure she enjoyed life to her full potential.! That is who I want people to see me as.!


So I ask you again what will you do IF you got 1 million dollars.? Will you change your life.? Will you make a difference in someone else’s.? Will you just let chance decide for you.?


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