What is your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife age wise.? Can you be with someone younger or older than you.? For me I have to be with a guy whose older than me.! Why.? Well I can give you a few reasons.!

  1. I think they are more mature.!
  2. More experienced with different things
  3. ****If I want to get married after 2-5 years of being in a relationship I don’t have to worry about not getting a ring because they are young and don’t want to get married yet.!

Older men are more likely to be ready for marriage and a family when you’re ready.! Now that doesn’t mean all men will be ready, BUT majority of them are.! If I know I want to be engaged after 4 years of being in a relationship with someone I know I won’t have to wait until the person reaches his comfortable age for marriage because he would be older.!

Now how much older.? Well for me I can’t go above 10 years older.! And 10 years older is a stretch.! My limit really is 6 years older than me, but 10 being the top. I just have specifics just like everyone else.! But I think mine are reasonable.!

What about you are you all for the young ones or do you like them older.?


One thought on “OLD VS YOUNG

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  1. Younger than me, but possessing the same maturity or approximate maturity as me. I only say younger because, when we’re older, they’ll be healthier – not because I care about physical attraction. Sadly, age does not determine maturity.

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