More Than Half Way Through

OMG can you believe that the year of 2016 is actually almost gone.? WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING.??!! I will be 22 at the end of this year and I feel like I havent done much with my life.! I always felt tied up here in this town and the thought of leaving and spreading my wings makes me smile.! I never done anything spectacular or fun with people for my birthday or at all.! Yes of course I done fun things but nothing to really remember or even want to redo.!

I want to be able to go on a vacation for about a week or even 5 days with my closest friends and have fun.! Wheather it’s for my birthday or not.! Just having my friends with me is all that matters.! More than half way through 2016 and the craziest thing that happened to me was the most negative thing as well.! But I always know that things happens for a reason.! I learned that at a young age.! Because of this accident I got to get out of this science class I didn’t want to be in, I got a break from school (granted it wasnt at the time I would have liked. But beggers can’t be choosers.), I am able to move now FINALLY out of NY & I can have the life with the type of people I always wanted around me.!

So yes 2016 is ALMOST done, BUT at the same time even though I am about to be 22 it feels like my ife is just starting out and I am finally making something out of my life.! I am making sure I don’t take anything for granted.!


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