Long Distance

Hey everyone today I am going to tackle a subject a lot of people deal with in their everyday lives, long distance relationships.! How many of you are in a long distance relationship.? How many of you struggle with being in a long distance relationship.?

I don’t know how it feels to be in one.! I choose not to be in a long distance relationship.! I feel it never really goes well.! I don’t want to have to wait until the end of the week or sometimes weeks to hold your hand or see you in person.! I know people say being apart makes the heart grow fonder, but honestly MAJORITY of the time that is a lie and it just makes the heart grow sick and tired of the same routine of not being cuddled up at night or being able to see the one it wants which ultimately leads to break ups.!

For me if you aren’t in the same state as me then I can’t be with you.! I am a very ROMANTIC person.! I LOVE ROMANCE and we can’t be romantic and you cant give me romance if you are not in the same state as me.! I am not saying we need to see each other every single day, BUT I do need to see you at least 3 times a week.! Honestly as much as possible a week and if you live far how is that supposed to happen.?

I am also a person who thinks about the future ALOT and possibly TOO much and also way too far ahead.! So when I am with someone I am thinking about my life with you forever.! About the next steps like moving in.! And when it comes to moving in if you are not in the same state as me it becomes a problem because you don’t want to move to another state away from family and neither will I which means we invested SOOO much time in each other for us to break up because of what.? Long distance.? I rather not set myself up for all of that.!

Some people love long distance relationships until they’ve been together for a certain period of time and the big MOVE IN conversation comes up and no one wants to uproot their lives to move to another state for someone else.! So for me I just avoid all of that altogether and make it simple and get into a relationship with someone in my own state.!


How about you guys.? Do you like long distance relationships.? Do you find things hotter when you meet up.? Or does it strain your relationship.?


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