Cleanse Your Face

I always have to clean my face before I go to bed.! Why.? Well because it makes my face cleaner.! I have all that backed up oil on my face.! Your face automatically builds up oil and makes your face oily for protection.! Well my face gets oily quickly and I hate that. I usually wash my face twice or three times a day.! Or I end up using a rag to wipe my face.!

I wash my face repeatedly while I’m in the shower and in the mornings as well.! Then, right before I go to bed.! I have to or when I wake up my pillow is all greasy, oily and looks raggedy. Now some people have their own face cleanser because of their own DIY.! I use water.! I have tried other face wash cleansers, night ones and the day ones, but some broke my face out.! And some worked well.! I have to go and get me some face cleansers to try out again.! But I will definitely love to try my own DIY.!


What do you guys think I should put in my own face cleanser.? Do any of you have your own DIY anything.? Let me know.!


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